Monday, June 8, 2009

The Mysterious Death of David Carradine

Four days have passed since the American actor David Carradine was found dead at the closet of his room at the Nai Lert Park Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday, 4 June 2009, but the actual cause of his death is still a mystery (photo:courtesy of AFP).

According to CNN, Carradine’s wife and manager have denied allegations that the actor has committed a suicide. But, rescue workers and police in Bangkok, said that the actor's neck and genitals were found bound with nylon ropes.
" Our preliminary assumption is that the cause of death was suffocation, because there was a rope tied to his neck " said Bangkok police spokesman Somprasong Yenthuam.
The actor's body was released to the U.S. Embassy for a Saturday flight home after a judge signed the death certificate Friday, the Thai police source said. The actor’s family has ordered an autopsy to be conducted after his body arrived in the U.S. And autopsy results will not be available for three or four weeks, said a high-ranking Thai police source who asked not to be identified.
David Carradine (72) was the son of actor John Carradine, he began his career as an actor in TV serial films, starting with SHANE in 1966, KUNG FU between 1972 and 1975, North and South in 1985, and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues in 1992. He also played starring roles in the movies: Bound for Glory in 1976, Kill Bill: Vol.1 in 1983, and Kill Bill: Vol.2 in 2004. He was in Bangkok in the making of the movie STRECH which he stars.

The Telegraph quoted David Carradine’s manager as saying that the actor's death was a result of "foul play", his director Quentin Tarantino said the actor would have relished dying in such mysterious circumstances. Tarantino, who revived the actor's career by casting him in Kill Bill, described Carradine as “One of Hollywood's great, mad geniuses.”

Meanwhile, according to ABC, David Carradine’s death probably caused by a Sexual Practice called Auto-Erotic Asphyxia (AEA), which is one of the greatest and most dangerous sexual taboos. Sex experts say that Carradine's advanced age suggests that he may have been a lifelong practitioner of the secretive and dangerous practice, one that can go fatally awry. The practice is a sub-category of sexual masochism that involves reducing the oxygen supply to the brain while masturbating to achieve a heightened orgasm. The same practice has caused the death of vocalist of the band INXS Michael Hutchence.

The allegations that the cause of Carradine’s death was a dangerous sexual practice called Auto-Erotic Asphyxia, which is unknown in Indonesia, is very surprising. Now that David Carradine’s body has been returned to the U.S for autopsy, I hope that the mystery would soon be known.


Ismail N said...

I wonder why all these Kung Fu expert die mysteriously in South-East Asia?

Harry Nizam H. said...

I have been asking the same question

Rob Baiton said...

So, you followed the Michael Hutchence case case? The only place I had seen the linking of these two incidents is on my blog :D

It is probably worth noting that the rumour mill surrounding the Hutchence case was that there was someone else in the room at the time and perhaps it was not so auto-erotic after all.

This is the reason I linked the two cases.

AEA is not one of the greatest and most dangerous sexual taboos. We only hear about those that get it wrong and kill themselves. This hardly makes it one of the most dangerous of sexually practices.

Is the statement about AEA in Indonesia anecdotal or based on empirical research? If there is research, how about a link or a citation :D

Harry Nizam H. said...

I quoted the story of David Carradine & Michael Hutchene from ABC (as I mentioned in the post).
Statement re: AEA in Indonesia, is my personal opinion after asking 2 medical doctor friends, who have not heard too. I admit that such opinion cannot be valid.

Rob Baiton said...

no is nice that I made the connection before ABC ;)

Harry Nizam H. said...

Yeah, you are more advanced than ABC 5 June which only mentioned that the probable cause of Michael Hutchence's death is AEA, without further detail.