Monday, March 2, 2009

Abandonment of Babies

Yesterday morning, I saw two TV channels reporting young girls committing illegal abortions at two medical clinics, one in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, and another one in Paseban, Central Jakarta.

In the evening, I saw TransTV’s Termehek-Mehek reality show that has helped people locate someone they have not seen/heard for a long time. This time, the story was about Nana (30) who abandoned her baby girl 13 years ago in an Orphan Home in Tangerang, Banten, because her parents forbid her to marry her boy friend, i.e. Angga whose age is the same as hers but belong to a different social class.
Now, Nana (30) lived in Surabaya, East Java, has married twice, has no child and has been suffering from Womb Cancer.
As any normal woman, she feels a growing need to see her long lost baby, for which purpose few weeks ago she contacted TransTV. Not long after, she and several crews of TransTV visited the Orphan Home in Tangerang. Their persistence enabled them to locate the child, whose name is Rizkia and now living with her father, Angga in Jakarta.
Angga was furious when they came to meet him, and did not allow Nana to meet Rizkia. So, few days later Nana picked Rizkia at school and kept her at a friend’s house.
Angga helped by the TransTV crews later found Rizkia and take her back to his home.

The above two paragraphs show the tragic results of human behaviors i.e. pre-marital sex, unwanted babies and abandonment of babies. In the first paragraph the young girls abandoned their babies by ‘killing’ them before they were born, while in the second paragraph a young girl abandoned her baby after it was born, by leaving it at an orphanage, which she regretted 13 years later. The baby can be considered lucky because her father took her out of the orphanage and raised her by himself.


Smiley said...

Hmm...the morality of young peoples nowadays is so degrading...

Harry Nizam H. said...

Yes, so frightening

Lucia said...

It's very awful that people can be so irresponsible for their actions.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Very awful indeed