Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny Campaign Posters

When I was driving down the roads in Bintaro Jaya last Saturday, the rain falls and the wind blow very heavily that many Posters of Candidates for general election on 9 April 2009 came tumbling down.

Those posters show pictures of election candidates trying all they can to win the hearts of voters. The interesting fact is that many of those candidates have taken advantage of the popularity of their celebrity children, as reported by Oke Zone. For example Pop Singer Andien helped her mother Henny Sri Hardini who has been nominated by the Democratic Party as candidate for the national legislature (DPR), by donating money and singing for the campaign.

Meanwhile Cynthia Lamusu, member of trio singers ABthree, participated in campaign of her father Rafflyn Lamusu, who is nominated by the People Caring Party in Gorontalo Sulawesi, as candidate for the DPR by appearing on her father’s campaign posters as shown on the picture in the left.

Further, actress Nia Ramadhani also gave her support to her father Priya Ramadhani who runs for the Jakarta Regional Parliament (DPRD).

Furthermore, according to one of our senior blogger Ndoro Kakung, there is one candidate who has used Ndoro's Sketch image in his poster as shown on the left.

Beside that, other candidates have poster showing small kid, or image that can be considered as infringing copyright of famous brand as can be seen in Jangan Bikin Malu 2009.

I am not sure how effective those posters are for attracting the attention of voters of those candidates, but one thing for sure is that considering that many of those posters are placed inappropriately in public places, therefore they have polluted our surrounding area.


Joni Arief said...

He he he ...... (lol)
Just like a freak show

Harry Nizam H. said...

Funny yes, freakish ?

Lidia said...

yah kalo dipikir2 bpknya Cynthia lamusu belum apa2 aja udh numpang ngetop alias KKN...hihi...tapi Ok jg kok contentnya.btw thanks vor the vote yah....I'll $$end u a big $$mile...nice weekend,I'll be back soon

Harry Nizam said...

Anda tepat, KKN! Aku baru kepikir.
Selamat berakhir pekan ya.