Sunday, March 8, 2009

Syekh Puji's case

For many years, our news media has been reporting about cases of Pedophiles i.e. matured men who love to have sex with children under the age of 16 years.

The latest of such case involved a 66 years old Australian English Teacher Alfred Charles Barnet who was arrested by the Police in Depok, West Java, last February. According to Viva News, Barnett was charged for Sodomizing 9 under aged children in Indonesia. Considering that he was also wanted for similar crime in his country, the Police has extradited him to Australia.

Currently, our media has been reporting a case that took place in Semarang, Central Java, about a 43 years old man Syekh Puji (above photo) who married a 12 years old girl Ulfa on August 2008, based on Islamic way called SIRI. This is controversial, because according our Marriage Law No. 1 year 1974, a girl can only be married at the minimum age of 16 by a man who is at least 19. Due to this fact, Surya reported that last Friday, the Semarang Police has summoned and questioned Syekh Puji for 13 hours. The Police accused Syekh Puji of violating a.o the Children Protection Law Articles 82 & 88, and the Criminal Law Article 290, which can be punished for a maximum 5 years imprisonment.
This Police action was welcomed by the Central Java office of the Indonesian Moslem Ulema Council (MUI) & the National Human Rights Committee (Komnas HAM).

I am very glad that the Police have finally take action on this case, that way other people would know that waht Syekh Puji did was against the national laws, thereby preventing similar cases from happening again in the future.

Pic: Doktertomi


Rob Baiton said...

Here's the thing, if the Australian fella committed crimes here then he should have been prosecuted for those crimes here first.

Then, once he had served any sentence imposed he could then be extradited to Australia and tried for the offences committed there.

Just as a matter of interest. What do we call mature women who rape children?

On the Syekh Puji front. The MUI is just paying lip service. If the MUI is serious about adopting a rights of the child approach to this, then they would issue a fatwa on it. This fatwa would strictly prohibit the practice of taking child brides.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Yes mate, if there is enough EVIDENCE he would have surely
been prosecuted here.

Re: mature woman who rape children?
I wonder what do they call her ...

Re: MUI's stance on this case
Although they have not issue a fatwa to protect children, at least they are are not protecting Syekh Puji.