Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jupe's controversial marriage

Since the last few weeks, our news media have been reporting about popular Indonesian Dangdut Singer Julia Perez (a.k.a Jupe) every day. Whereby they reported about many of her activities like her giving Condoms to her fans, her sensual appearance and who she's sleeping with now.

The latest news was about her troubled relationship with her French husband Damian Perez whom she married seven years ago in France.
Okezone/T.Tresnadi reported that she has met Artist/Lawyer Gusti Randa to seek legal advice about Divorce, but was explained that she cannot Divorce in Indonesia because her marriage in France was not recognized in Indonesia.
Gusti Randa elabotated that according to our Marriage Law No. 1/1974 Article 56 Paragraphs 1 & 2, a marriage among Indonesians, or Indonesian & foreigner, that is conducted outside Indonesia should be registered with the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the marriage took place. After the couple return to Indonesia, they should register it with the local Marriage Registrar within a period of one year.
Considering this fact, Gusti said that if Jupe and her husband want to divorce, they should do it in France.
Although there is no divorce yet, the news media has reported that they are now leading separate love lifes. i.e. Jupe with Soccerplayer Gaston Castano, and Damien with a Malaysian model Aisya.
But inspite of her wish to divorce, the interesting fact is that she plan to keep the name PEREZ with her no matter what, as she told reporters. She argued that it is that name that has made her popular as an artist for the last three years.

This news, as any other news regarding celebrities, is interesting especially when we do not have anything to do during weekends.


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