Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 latest murder cases

Between 11 and 17 March 2009, three brutal murder cases in Jakarta have been widely reported by our news media.

The first one was the murder of TV movies (sinetron) actress Hanny Wahab(53), that took place at her home in Jakarta, on Wednesday, 11 March 2009. According to Detik News, the suspected murderers, i.e. the deceased's former servants, have been arrested by the Police. Investigation revealed that the suspects committed the murder because they want to get even with her for treating them unkindly when they worked for her.

The second one was the murder of Nasrudin Zulkarnain (41), Director of PT. Putra Rajawali Banjaran, who was shot dead in his car by two unidentified men riding a motor cycle, on the way home from playing golf in Tangerang, Banten. According to Kompas, until this moment the Police have still not found the murderer.

The third one was the murder of Elen a.k.a Maria Fransisca Bernadette (22), who was found dead at the emergency staircase of the 6th floor of the Pacific Place, a high class shopping center in Jakarta, on Tuesday 17 March 2009. According to Oke Zone, the Police have examined 5 employees of the building management as witnesses. But the case is still a mystery.

The above murder cases, as any others murders, are very frightening for me as citizen of Jakarta. I hope that the Police will soon solve the cases very soon so as to calm us down.

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