Friday, March 6, 2009

MUI's threat

Not long ago, the Indonesian Moslem Cleric/Ulama Council(MUI) passed controversial Fatwa/Edicts which determined that Cigarette Smoking, Yoga chanting and Refusal to Vote as Haram/Sinful acts.

While many people are still questioning about MUI's real reason for passing such Edicts, suddenly the news media reported that MUI is now forcing President SBY to follow their wish. According to The Jakarta Globe, a leader of MUI Cholil Ridwan has threatened the President to ban the religious secte Ahmadiyah, otherwise it will pass an Edict banning people from casting votes for the incumbent President in the next Presidential election.
Fortunately, said threat was later on denied by MUI's Chairman Umar Shihab who said that Cholil's statement was his own opinion and does not represent MUI.

I am happy that Cholil's threat does not represent MUI and hope that in the future, leaders of MUI will take actions based on the best interest of Indonesian Moslems as a whole. Because although such Fatwa/Edict are not recognized by our country's legal system, however considering MUI is the highest Moslem religious authority in our country, they will no doubt be obeyed, especially by those living in the rural area.


Rob Baiton said...

In many respects I wish that the MUI would issue such a fatwa, prohibiting votes for the incumbent, then it would have truly gone all the way to making itself completely irrelevant.

Harry Nizam H. said...

He he he he .....
Let's be positive