Saturday, March 7, 2009

Melamine contamination

In 2008, people in many countries around the world was shocked by news reports regarding the distribution of Milk and Dairy Products originating from the People’s Republic of China contaminated by Melamine that has caused the death of many babies.

After the Chinese government made high profile efforts to ban the production of those lethal products, including punishing the producers, people’s fear of those products subside.

Then came the announcement of the Indonesian Consumers Association (YLKI)
on 4 March 2009 about the circulation of 10(ten) Food and Beverage products, as
reported by Duta Masyarakat :
1) KINO BEAR Crispy Chocolate, MD662211108168
2) YAKE Assorted Candy, without
3) F&N Sweet Condensed Milk, ML505417006156
4) TIROL Choco Candy, ML237103407045
5) DUTCH Mill Yogurt Milk,
6) PURA Low Fat,
8) CROWN LONX Biscuit,
9) FAN FUN Sweetheart Biscuit, no
10) YAKE Candies, no
According to YLKI Chairperson Zahir Husna, those Melamine Contaminated products were found in a joint survey by YLKI and the Chemical Lab. of the University of Indonesia on the circulation of 28 Food & Beverage products in certain area in Jakarta which are known to be selling legally & illegally imported products among others Kelapa Gading-North Jakarta and Pasar Baru-Central Jakarta.

YLKI’s above announcement has been protested by the producers and distributors of those products, said Viva News. Beside that, according to Kompas, the Australian Ambassador Bill Farmer denied the circulation of Melamine contaminated Milk & Dairy products from Australia.
In its reaction to these protests, YLKI suggested that a third (neutral) party conduct a survey to clarify this matter.

Considering that YLKI’s above announcement is very serious, we hope that our government and its law enforcement agencies would pay very serious attention to this matter and take necessary actions to prevent circulation of Melamine contaminated products in our country.


Dorogoblog said...

Sepertinya Indonesia harus lebih waspada lagi terhadapa bahaya melamine ini. Badan POM harus lebih extra ketat mengeluarkan izin.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Tepat sekali!