Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tragedy in Medan

Since May 1998, Indonesia has gone through a process of democratization which has often been excessive and even chaotic.

And last Tuesday, the process faced its worst test when the Speaker of North Sumatera Parliament (DPRD) Abdul Aziz Angkat died of heart attack after an angry mob ransacked the house of parliament last Tuesday.
According to The Jakarta Globe, the tragedy happened after Abdul Aziz, who was meeting with other member of DPRD, refused to meet with 2,000 demonstrators who came to the DPRD to demand the creation of a Tapanuli Province separate from North Sumatera. Angered by the said refusal, the demonstrators forced their way into the meeting room.
A video footage of Metro TV showed the politician in severe pain, his hands holding his chest, beleaguered by the mob. Several riot policemen and security guards tried to take him out of the building, but failed because they were outnumbered by the mob. A diagnosis by the Gleneagles Hospital in Medan described that Abdul had died from a heart attack.
Due to the above tragic incident, Kompas reported that many politicians have demanded the Chief of North Sumatera Police and Chief of Medan Police to resign. As a response, the Chief of National Police Bambang Danuri has instructed the Police Supervision Inspector to conduct on the spot investigation in Medan.

What happened to Abdul Aziz is clearly a tragedy for human being, therefore the law enforcement agencies should take legal action on those responsible for the incident, and take appropriate actions to prevent it from happening again. That way, the democratization process can be carried out smoothly & safely.



Game_Lover said...

This event is not in the field but in Tapanuli.

I already watch this tragedy in TV, demonstration was conducted by the provocateur who made Tapanuli province

so anarchis and very pity

Ismail N said...

OMG, it's indeed a tragedy. If it is part of democratization process in your country, then it's really a heavy price to pay.

Multibrand said...

Hi guys, thank you for your visit and comments:
@Game Lover:
Yes it is so anarchic and regretful
You are absolutely right, very heavy price to pay.