Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Conficker Worm

A deadly computer virus called the Conficker Worm (a.k.a Kudo, Downup & Downaup) surfaced in 2008, brutally attacking Civilian & Military targets around the world.

Detik reported that the virus has attacked the database of a French Navy jet fighter aircraft, making its computer system unable to download flight plans.
Law.com informed that the virus has forced the municipal court in Houston, USA, to shut down its operation last Friday.
Wikipedia mentioned that it has attacked the computer systems of the British Naval ships & submarines. Wikipedia quoted The New York Times which reported that Conficker had infected 9 million PCs by 22 January 2009, and The Guardian which estimated 3.5 million infected PCs. By 26 January 2009, an antivirus software vendor F-Secure reported that Conficker had infected more than 15 million computers, making it one of the most widespread infections in recent times. And in order to fight the virus from spreading any further, Microsoft has developed an antidote.

Considering the Conficker Worm has a big potential to destroy computer systems, I hope that its spread can be stopped immediately.


coffee maker said...

I've heard from multiple sources that the Conficker worm wouldn't be a threat to Mac users, thank goodness

Harry Nizam H. said...

Coffee maker,
Thank you for your visit & comment.
I am glad that you are not threatened by the Conficker Worm.