Friday, February 20, 2009

A friendlier U.S.A

A great PR strategy! That’s what I thought this morning when RCTI shows U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chatting with beautiful Actress Luna Maya & other Indonesian artists during her 2 days visit to Jakarta.

I am neither pro nor anti Hillary Clinton, or any other Americans, but seeing Mme. Clinton talked about non political matters e.g that she is a big fan of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, has brought me a feeling of sympathy for her and her country.

Actually that’s the second time that I got such feeling, the first one was several weeks ago, when our TVs show U.S President Barack Obama uttered some Indonesian words and explained that he lived 4 years in the ‘ugly’ part of Menteng, elite area in Jakarta, which he described as “Menteng below”. For me and many Indonesian citizens those words reflect Mr Obama’s humility. Because many citizens of Jakarta would be shy to admit living in a non luxurious part of town. Although I, like many Indonesians, was happy when Mr Obama was elected as president, but I never thought that Indonesia still mean something to him, considering that when he lived 4 years in Jakarta he was still very young.

The above incidents have brought a new hope for me and other Indonesians that the U.S.A would not only be friendlier with our country, but also help solve pending legal cases, e.g the murder of Munir (OkeZone). At a time when we are facing a global crisis, such hope is very important for us.

Pic: Seputar Indonesia


Lidia said...

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Harry Nizam H. said...

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