Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Robert Plant & Grammy Awards

Last night I was so happy when I saw on TV Robert Plant (60) and Alyson Krauss (37) have been announced as the winners of 5 Grammy Awards, i.e Best Album of the Year for their album Raising Sand, Record of the Year for their single Please Read the Letter, Best Contemporary Folk/American Album, Best Country Collaboration with Vocals and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals(BBC).

Why? Because Robert Plant was the former vocalist of the super rock group Led Zeppelin, a band that me and my late kid brother Dody Lesmana grew up with and cherished. We were big fans of Led Zepelin, and from the very first time I listened to Robert Plant’s songs I was sure that one day he will become one of the world’s best vocalist & songwriter not only for rock music but also pop as well. And last night I felt as if my dream has come true.

I strongly believe that Robert Plant got the Grammy Awards because he has worked very hard for the last 40 years, from the time when he was still with Led Zepelin and after the group broke up 28 years ago.

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