Monday, February 16, 2009

Rob's Blog

My blogging activity for today is visiting other blogs that I have frequently visited, one of them is a blog that I have followed i.e The RAB Experience authored by Rob Baiton, an Australian, English Editor of Indonesian online Legal Website: Hukum Online.

Rob’s blog featured the tagline: Musings about the law, politic, culture, people and life in Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere. It consistently posts relevant topics, using words that are clear and easy to understand. People not only read and give comments, but they don’t seem to allow Rob to take a break from blogging activity, although he has given reasonable explanation i.e. to have more time with his new born baby son Will.
That's because most of Rob’s bloposts are interesting, for example Little Girl on a Plane, Parent at 13-years Old, Madonna (for adults), they all worth reading. Nice works Rob!

As a conclusion, I felt happy that I have been following Rob’s blog, and also glad that he has followed mine as well.


bobo_thebest_from91 said...

thx for you're apreciation:)!!!

Multibrand said...

Thank you for your visit & comment.