Friday, February 13, 2009

The Erotic Lawyer got Fired

Deidre Dare, a U.S lawyer working in Moscow, who wrote a sex fiction novel in, was fired by her employer the law firm Allen & Overy, on 30 January.

According to a blogpost by Robert J. Ambrogi in the law firm has released a statement explaining that the dismissal was done after following its normal disciplinary process and concluding that her behavior "was unacceptable and totally at odds with the standards of behavior that we expect from all of our people." But Ms. Dare told The Telegraph that the real reason for her dismissal was because she had complained about sexual harassment made against her by a male boss.
Although the 44 years old Ms. Dare said that she will fight against her ex employer, however she doesn’t seems to be very sad, perhaps because the traffic to her website has jumped from 3,500 a month to almost a million in just a few days.
In an interview with The Bitter Lawyer, she said that she has been hired by The Moscow News to work as a Columnist, and she plans to finish the sex novel “Expat” that has got her into trouble.

It is very sad to know that a Senior lawyer like Deidre Dare (a.k.a Deidre Clark) has been fired because of a reason that is still uncertain. I hope that the she and her former employer will settle their differences amicably soon.

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