Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook paid a US$ 65 million Lawsuit

Good public image is very vital for business entrepreneurs that provide services to the society, therefore it should always be protected at any price.

Perhaps that's what in the minds of the management of social networking website Facebook when they paid US$ 65 million to settle Trade Secret Theft Lawsuit filed against Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg by a Harvard University students & alumni website ConnectU.
According to a blogpost by Carolyn Elefant in, the compensation was supposed to be Top Secret, but was exposed by ConnectU's former lawyers of a Los Angeles law firm Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges in its newsletter which was later on quoted by a San Fransisco legal newspaper The Recorder.
The reason for said disclosure was unclear, but one thing for sure was that last year ConnectU fired the said lawyers who demanded US$ 13 million for fees.

The above case clearly shows that every one who provide professional services should always safeguard any information related to the work they are doing for their clients or employees.

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