Sunday, December 21, 2008

The "Unsafe" Deposit Box

As normal people, many of us keep our valuable things among others very important Documents Jewelries, and other precious things in the Safe Deposit Box of a Bank where we keep our money.

It is obvious for us to keep them there, because banks are used to keep our money, therefore should be trusted to safeguard our valuable possessions. This perception and the fact that we paid for the Safe Deposit Box, make us forget about the bank’s written warning that they would not be responsible for any loss of things that we placed in the Safe Deposit Box.

Apparently, this perception is also shared by other people who kept their valuables in the banks, one of which is Ivonne Santoso who has been reported by GlobalTV News last Friday that she has lost Rp 5 Billion worth of Jewelry that she kept in a Safe Deposit Box at the BII Bank in Jalan Thamrin, Central Jakarta.
Due to this fact, Ivonne, accompanied by her husband and Lawyer, has reported this case to the Police of Central Jakarta who immediately conducted investigation at BII Bank, Thamrin Branch. In an interview with Suara Pembaruan, the Head of Investigation of the Central Jakarta Police i.e. Commissioner Suwono Nainggolan said that there is a possibility that this robbery involves some one working at BII. He further said that this is the second time Valuables has been missing from Safe Deposit Box of BII Thamrin Branch.

The above news has opened my eyes to the fact that when it comes to Safe Deposit Box a Bank would treat its Customer as taken for granted. Although the Customer pay the rental of the Safety Box, however the bank would not be responsible for any loss. Thus, in this case the function of a bank is similar to that of a Car Parking Management Companies who accept money but refuse to be responsible for any lost. Especially that this incident has happened before in the same bank.


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