Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Luxurious Car Tax

In order to increase Tax Revenue, the Directorate General of Tax has made various efforts to attract Citizens to pay Tax, among others by persuading them to make Tax Payer Number (NPWP), and by giving Tax Amnesty through the Sunset Policy.

Further, Kompas reported that the Directorate General of Tax plan to make inventory of License Numbers (STNK) of Luxurious Cars i.e. Cars that are sold at the price of Rp. 200 mio. For which purpose, there will be an inspection on the STNK of Luxurious Cars purchased in 2009, which will be followed by inspection on Luxurious Cars purchased before 2007.
In this regards, the Vice General Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry (Gaikindo) i.e Noergadjito said that such inspection will reduce car production in 2009. He also said that Luxurious Cars should be defined as cars which are sold at the price of more than Rp 1 Billion.

I sincerely hope that a better definition of Luxurious Cars could be decided so that to the plan can be implemented smoothly.


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H. Nizam said...

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