Friday, December 26, 2008

Parliamentary Election Law

Justice has Prevailed! “, that’s what I told myself when I read on The Jakarta Post that the Constitutional Court (MK) last Tuesday passed a Verdict which determined that the election of members of Parliament (DPR, DPRD I & DPRD II) shall be based on the majority vote obtained by each candidates.

The above Court Verdict has deleted Article 214 a,b,c,d,e of the Parliamentary Election Law No. 10 Year 2008, which stipulated that election of members of Parliaments should be based on the Numerical Order of a List of Candidates prepared by a Political Party participating in the election. This kind of election is unfair, especially if we compare it with the election of the President, the Vice President, the Provincial Governors and the Heads of Regency which have been voted directly by the people.

Various comments have been made on the above Court Verdict, some agree, and some disagree. But this kind of difference is obvious in a democratic society. The most important thing is that now that the members of Parliaments will be elected directly by the people, we can expect that they would now focus their attention on how to please the people who voted them, not the Political Parties.


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