Saturday, December 6, 2008

Artists' Copyrights

The Jakarta Post reported that several Fashion Designer, Musician and Movie actress have shared their experiences about copyright infringements during the conference of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Bali, last Tuesday.

Batik designer Obin a.k.a Josephine Komara talked about how she was shocked yet happy when she found out in Tokyo, Japan, that her batik design has been infringed by a famous international designer.
Indrato Budi of the Indonesian Recording Industry Association believed that if piracy is not prevented the recording industry could only survive for the next 8 years.
Movie actress Christine Hakim said that several of her movie concepts had been copied, and her name had been used without permission.
Filipino Musician Ryan Cayabyab said that the question on copyright infringement centered on the marketing’s ability to adapt to the piracy threat and what the government could do to enforce a new law.

Meanwhile, Ronald Chan of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) said that Indonesian Software companies have to compete with local and global pirate products. Actually, if software piracy could be reduced by 10% Indonesia would be able to create 2,200 new jobs, generate US$ 1,8 billion in economic development and gain US$ 88 million in tax revenue.

The above mentioned complaints are familiar for us, because although our country has already amended, thus improved, its Copyright Law for three times, but protection of Copyright is still very poor. It is very easy for anyone to get pirate products: music, movies, computer soft wares, enyywhere in Indonesia. In Jakarta alone you can easily get them in traditional markets as well as in shopping malls/plaza. The funny thing is that such fake products would disappear every time the Police carry out raid/operation against them, as if the Sellers have already been informed in advance.

Actually, it is not impossible to eliminate or minimize Copyright Infringement in Indonesia. It can be acheived if every element in our society i.e. the Government, the Law Enforcement agencies, the Courts of Justice and citizens, want to upheld the Copyright law. And any violation should be punished accordingly. But again, it is much easier to be said than done. As any other legal problems faced by Indonesia, the question is not whether or not we already have a law that regulate the settlement of the problem, but rather, whether or not we are willing to implement the said law properly and accordingly?


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