Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Arrest of a Blogger

Last Sunday, I read an article on the blog of Ndoro Kakung about the arrest of an Indonesian blogger by the Jakarta Police on 13 December 2008 for alleged Demafation against the television station TRANS TV and Falsification of Identity.

The blogger's name was not mentioned but only described as a former employee of TRANS TV who was fired from his job due to certain reason. Very disappointed with his former employer, he later on posts articles against TRANS TV on a blog that he built using the Blogspot hosting.
Meanwhile, Detik reported that in order to carry out a thorough investigation on this case the Police has called upon the so called "father of Indonesian blogger" Enda Nasution to give his opinion as a Blog expert regarding this case.

This case reminds me about the fact as Blogger we are an integral part of the society, and what we wrote might effect other people. If we are not wise, what we write might offend other people, and we might face legal consequences.

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