Saturday, December 20, 2008

The New Aviation Law

The People's Consultative Council (DPR) on Wednesday passed the Aviation Law with new stipulations about Air Traffic Control, Safety & Human Resources management, expansion of the “ Open Sky Policy ", independent National Transportation Board, and Private Investment in Airports.

The Jakarta Globe quoted the Transportation Minister Jusman S. Djamal as saying that this new Law will took our country closer to the end of the 17 month old ban by the European Union on Indonesian aircraft. The ban, issued in July 2007, prohibits Indonesian Aircraft from flying to 27 EU member countries. The decision was based on an audit by the ICAO following two commercial airline crashes in Sulawesi and Yogyakarta that killed 124 people.

In view of the above I felt that it is very important to implement the Law as it is, without tolerance for discrepancies, because this Law involves Human Safety. Therefore STRICT ADHERENCE and HEAVY PUNISHMENT for Violations of the Law should always be implemented. All Pilots and other Air Crew, ATC Officers and other ground crews should do their jobs properly. Existing airlines should be strictly supervised from time to time. No more new airline license. If all the airlines are safe to fly and land according to International Standards, I am sure that our airlines would be allowed to fly any places around the world.


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