Friday, December 19, 2008

Microchips for Aids Patients

HIV/AIDS Virus has been spreading very rapidly in our easternmost province of Papua.
In this regards,Info Papua has quoted the Head of Papua AIDS Prevention Commission i.e. Constant Karma, as saying that there are an estimate of more than 14,000 people in Papua who have been infected by the virus, more than 2,000 of which are positively infected. But, various mass media reported that the actual number of people who has been positively infected by the virus totals 5,000 which is 15 times higher than our National average.

According to some experts, the main cause of the HIV/AIDS explosion in the province is very poor Education, lack of Condoms and Traditional Promiscuity related to Tribal Rituals of exchanging sexual partner. Efforts have been made by the provincial government and non profit organizations to socialize information regarding the danger of HIV/AIDS and ways to prevent it but the spread of the Virus doesn't seem to slow down. Some agencies predicted that if more serious efforts is not made to stop the spread, as many as 7 percent of the population could be infected within the next two decades.

Panicked by this devastating effect, a member of the province's parliament (DPRD), i.e John Manangsang, last week has suggested the controversial measure of implanting Microchips on "Sexually Aggressive" HIV/AIDS patients, so that their behavior can be monitored. The Jakarta Post quoted him as saying: "I've been researching it and found online that microchips can be used in humans, so I'm convinced this can help us detect the spread of HIV in society,"

The proposal prompted an angry response from Papuans and from human rights groups.
Considering this fact, the Province's Parliament has dropped the idea, "We have agreed today to drop it," Komarudin Watubun, a deputy speaker in the local parliament, told Reuters. But he said Papua would go ahead with plans to pass legislation aimed at fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Experts in other countries have implanted Microchips on animals, and few cases in human beings, however, many research shows that it would be dangerous if they are implanted on human beings. Therefore, although very serious efforts should be made to prevent and eliminate HIV/AIDS Virus however we should always bear in mind that we are dealing with human beings whose body components are sensitive to foreign objects like Microchips.


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