Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marcella & Ananda

Movie actress/producer Marcella Zalianty and Car Racer Ananda Nikola have been detained by the Central Jakarta Police for their alleged Kidnap & Torture of Architect Agung Setiawan. While the Central Jakarta Police is focusing on the investigation of this Criminal Case, a lot of efforts have been made by certain people to distract the attention of the Police as well as the public on the essence of this case.
First, there was the statements made by people related to both celebrities, for example former racers and businessmen Tommy Soeharto and Alex Asmasoebrata who urged that attention should not merely be focused on the actions that have been made on Agung, but also on what has caused such actions. Alex said that Agung has a very bad reputation of evading debts, in order to prove his words Alex made a press conference with Agung’s alleged victims in Jogyakarta. In their reaction, Agung’s attorneys i.e Partahi Sihombing and friends have demanded Alex to apologize to Agung for saying those words, but was refused by Alex.
In another development, Telematic Expert i.e. Roy Suryo revealed to the press the result of his findings on the phone photos of the Torture, which according to Roy the Police has asked for his advice. This has outraged the attorneys of Marcella i.e. Manola Sibayang, who said that revelation of an evidence during an investigation can only be made in the Court of Law, not in public.
This is very strange, because the Kidnap & Torture Crimes that have been accused on Marcella and Ananda are very serious Crimes according to our Penal Code (KUHP), as such their investigations should be concentrated on the case. Even if Agung is really a very bad guy who frequently evade debts, there is no reason to Kidnap & Torture him brutally. Due to which fact the mass media should not be fooled by any efforts to distract the essence of this case. No one should be tolerated to take the law into their own hands! Especially when persons who love to look for sensations like Roy Suryo and attorneys are involved. Beside exposing Roy's findings, the media should also point out that because Roy's access to the photos is based on the Police request for advice on this investigation, therefore he can only reveal his findings to the Police and in Court trial.


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