Friday, April 2, 2010

Wikipedia Indonesia

As a language that is spoken and written by around 240 million population, the Indonesian language, bahasa Indonesia, has been used by many international online media.

One of those media is Wikipedia Indonesia which according to Kompas is visited by 1,2 million visitors a day.

Indonesian Wikipedia Ranks 18 out of 270 in The World
Rabu, 31 Maret 2010 | 05:36 WIB
JAKARTA, - Based on the number of visitors, the Indonesian Wikipedia is on the 18th rank out of 270 Wikipedia projects worldwide. This uplifting statistics was revealed by Wikipedia Indonesia's Exclusive Secretary, Siska Doviana, Jakarta, Tuesday.

She stated that the Indonesian Wikipedia is rising in regards to its number of visitors and generated articles. She pointed out that this is a good sign that more Indonesian people are browsing for information. "And many of them don't have internet access at home, for us in a developing country that's quite good."

Therefore, with the writing competition held by Wikipedia Indonesia, Siska has high expectations that the quality of the articles in the Indonesian Wikipedia will improve. The Indonesian Wikipedia has 1.2 million visitors per day in average. Based on the data by Alexa, the Indonesian Wikipedia is on the 11th rank for the most visited site in Indonesia. Around 40 percent of Indonesian browsers visit the English Wikipedia and around 50 percent visit the Indonesian counterpart.

The Wikipedia Indonesia writing competition will select 90 contestants from 10 universities in Jakarta, Bogor, and Tangerang at random. The winner of the competition will represent Indonesia for the Wikimania 2010 international conference in Gdansk, Poland. (C12-09/C17-09)


Eci si Cami said...

Congratulations Indonesia! It's a nice accomplishment. I want to make heard some things about Romania and Romanians, but the problem is that even if I follow quite a few blogs and read other comments and are content to read, to have visitors and not bother any quilt you watch from time to time. ......... Unfortunately!

Unknown said...

Eci si Cami,
Thank you for your kind words.
I have been to Romania during the Communist era, and I like its independent policy in spite of membership in the Warsaw Pact.
Besides, it has interesting history among other about Prince Vlad and the myth about Dracula.
Now that it become a democratic country I am sure that it has much more interesting facts to share.
If you visit the current edition of Wikipedia Indonesia you will find there is an article about Romania.
You gave me to write article about Romania, but I need time to remember.

Unknown said...

All about Indonesia is really very interesting to read.Bali is one of the 18 thousand islands from the Indonesian archipelago. This tiny island stretches up to just 100 miles from the north and heads to the south and 175 miles away from the west to the east.
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Unknown said...

Bali is very interesting indeed, even for us in Indonesia. Thank you for dropping by.