Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kelly Clarkson - No Cigarette Sponsor

Protests by anti-cigarette activists and fans, have forced promoter of Kelly Clarkson's concert in Jakarta to cancel cigarette sponsorship.

Promoter Adrian Soebono was quoted by USA Today as saying that cigarette brand LA Light will not be sponsoring Kelly's concert tonight. 

I hope that this action will be followed by other promoters of music, sports and other activities in Indonesia.

Photo:  Courtesy of USA Today.


Unknown said...

Some of the leading cigarette companies in Indonesia has been sponsoring music concerts and sports a lot of sucking young audience. This is a promotional strategy for efficient and effective way to increase sales of cigarettes. Kelly Clarkson is known not to smoke and encourage others not to smoke. Are there any other big company that can look forward to sponsoring concerts, sporting events and other?

colson said...

One more encouraging success by activists. Hope the same will happen in relation to ( possibly even more important) other issues.

Unknown said...

Although I agree that cigarette companies frequently sponsor music and sports events, but I am sure that if the promoters try harder they can get other companies to sponsor them.

Yes hopefully other promoters/ organizers of events would prefer other companies, outside cigarette manufacturers, as their sponsor.

@ctors Business said...

If only sporting fixtures could be smoke sponsor free

Simon said...

We just have to wait and see who else will be willing to put up as much money into sponsoring these types of events aimed at teenagers (the perfect demographic for tobacco companies)

Really hope it can happen.

Viee_Hanny said...

Yeah, but it's quite difficult..
Because cigarette companies promise big amount of money for many events. While as what my friend said, it's more difficult to get other sponsors from other companies which want to give as many as what cigarette companies could give..

Unknown said...

@Gwen Mui,
Actually other events can be smoke sponsor free. The thing is that cigarette companies are the most aggressive & generous because realize the have disadvantages.

I also hope so.

@Viee Hanny,
You are very right my friend. Unfortunately cigarette companies are more responsive to sponsor any big events.

online dating friends said...

A great effort and example by Kelly Clarkson. But I'm curious, weren't Kelly Clarkson far thinner and beautiful in previous years?? Or am I blind? :)

Unknown said...

Online Dating Friends,
Kelly's photo is a courtesy of USA Today (please click on my post).
I assumed that it can't be wrong.
Thank you for dropping by.