Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Initials of Crime Suspect

" The news media are not required to write the initials of crime suspects "

This was revealed today by Executive Editor of Kompas Newspaper Budiman Tanudiredja when he testified as witness in the trial of Civil Lawsuit filed by Raymond Teddy at the District Court of West Jakarta.

Budiman was quoted by Kompas as saying that based on the Journalistic Code of Ethic Article 5, the media are only required to write initials of crime suspects in Decency cases, and when the suspect is an under age child.

Budiman further stated that the report was made based on the information provided by the Public Relation officer of the Police.

Kompas Newspaper, and RCTI have been sued by Raymond Teddy, for reporting his arrest by the Police on charges of Illegal Gambling at the Hotel Sultan on December 2008.

Beside the three media, Raymond also filed similar lawsuits against four other media i.e Suara Pembaruan, Republika, Seputar Indonesia, and at three different District Court i.e in Central Jakarta, South Jakarta and East Jakarta.

The above information is important for news reporters as well as bloggers.


Unknown said...

Defendant is a leading mass media in Indonesia. They were careful in loading a post. Although the clause stated: The mass media is not required to write the initials of crime suspects, but the future may be considered to include the initials only. Crimes suspects are also human beings who have children, wives and families. Thanks for you’re sharing.

Unknown said...

I agree that crime suspects should be treated as human beings who have family.
But for suspects who were caught red handed in acts of crime like illegal drugs trafficking, kidnap, terror, treason, corruption, could perhaps be acceptable.

Edwin's Personal Blog said...

More room is needed for under-age suspects for they still have a long way to go.

Unknown said...

Yes, underage suspect should always be treated more carefully. Thank God the law/regulation protect them.