Monday, April 5, 2010

Expensive Education Leads to Suicide

The news media have been reporting about very young children committing suicide because they were very disappointed becase their parents cannot afford to pay expensive school fees.

Recently, Kompas reported that a third grade student of a Junior High School in Pasuruan, East Java, has attempted to commit suicide because his parents have no money to pay for his further study.

I hope that the central and local governments and members of parliaments would start thinking about ways to make education in Indonesia more affordable for all the people.

Another Financial Problem over Education in Indonesia Leading to Suicide 
Senin, 5 April 2010 | 07:26 WIB
PASURUAN, - A local junior high school student tried to commit suicide  by taking an influenza medication with soft drink after finishing his national exam as his parents could not afford to finance further study.  Ainul Basori, a third grade student at Nguling junior high school (SMPN 3), Pasuruan, East Java, was found unconscious with the rest of a soft drink and drug at his grandmother’s house near his house in Karangnongko Hamlet, Cukurgondang village, Grati sub-district, on Saturday.

Basori was rushed to nearest public health clinic. He said  his action was prompted by his disappointment for not being able to continue his study to a higher level at Nguling Vocational School (SMKN) after his parents told him that they could not afford it.
Joko Sastro, the father, admitted that he was incapable to pay for his oldest son’s registration at Nguling vocational high school due to his minimum income to support his two siblings. Joko had been relying on the government’s program of Family Hope Program (PKH), but because Basori is now entering high school, the assistance had to be stopped.


Anonymous said...

it is so sad but this story is true

Eci si Cami said...

Which gives an interesting topic for thought! I personally do not think necessarily expensive education causes more suicides. Has influence but I think that we give our children education. Entourage I live I think it's very important. We live in a world that cause depression and grief no matter what level we have life.
I think the two categori people, rich and poor, are almost as exposed to depression and TRESS.
Me and my family we're glad to have the ability to read and comment on a blog so interesting!
Yours sincerely, and readers!

Unknown said...

Yes it a very sad reality

@Eci si Cami,
It's always good to have you here my friend.
My post is one of several suicide attempts by children from poor family. But I agree that both rich and poor people are similarly exposed to depression and stress that could lead them to committing suicide.

Anonymous said...

... and here in Ireland we have a different problem: teenagers who turn their noses at free education... a waste of resources

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing about free education in Ireland. It seems that free education doesn't mean that every one would be happy.

colson said...

Whether or not lack of money is the sole cause, this is really heartbreaking.Education should be available to everyone in relation to his/her talents.

That is both in the interest of the individual as well as of society at large.

Unknown said...

You are right. Educations that are affordable for the whole people is not an illusion. The problem is very little effort has been made to reach that goal.

Sohra Rusdi said...

education wah kalau bicara cap cus gini kagak ngerti saya pak, but I try, I think expensive education just for University level in Senior high school like my school free

Anonymous said...

Sadly for a lot of people not having money will cause thoughts like this. Education should be for everybody. Hope that the suicides stop.

Unknown said...

@Munir Ardi,
Senang sekali saya membaca komentar anda, terima kasih.
Alangkah baiknya kalau semua anak2 dapat sekolah bebas biaya seperti disekolah anda.
Sayangnya banyak murid sekolah yang orang tuanya tidak sanggup membiayai seperti berita Kompas yang saya kutip.

Yes, it is very sad indeed. Let's hope things will improve so that no more young kids would commit suicide.

Edwin's Personal Blog said...

it happens in our society surrounded by social and welfare constraints. we must be longing to hear a raise in our nation's life...

Unknown said...

Let us hope that the social and welfare condition will improve soon.

Unknown said...

So tragic.There are other ways of achieving higher education that should be made known to children and young people so that they will not loose hope and 'give up'.It's only a matter of postponing.There's a story of a woman who wanted so much to get a degree but due to poverty she was only able to get the degree at an old age but she was happy to get it..though she died the next day.Point is not to give up that dream.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing with us the story of about the woman which is inspiring as always.
Yes, we should never give up hope.

Unknown said...

It is extremely sad that young people commit suicide for any reason, but because their parents cannot afford to pay their education, it is even more so. I don't know whether Indonesia can subsise education at all, but it would certainly help.


Unknown said...

Sorry for the typo. Should have read: subsidise education.


Crisc said...

So sad...
I like your blog b/c here in the states you don't ever hear to much about these things

Unknown said...

As stated by Munir Ardi above state schools here are free of fees.
However, students must pay for books, uniform, transportation, etc.
Poor parents with many children as I mentioned in my post must limit the level of education each of their children can take.

Every country has its own school kids problems.