Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabricated TV-Show (part-2)

TV-One has denied that it has paid Andris Ronaldi to confess in its talk show that he is a Legal Case Broker.

The TV station said that Andries has appeared several times in its shows, and its presenter Indy Rahmawaty said that she never persuaded him to tell the fake story. Due to this, the TV plan to sue Andries for Defaming the TV station.

Meanwhile, TV-One will present evidences to prove that Andries is really a Legal Case Broker when the TV's management meet with the Press Council on Monday, 12 April, at 2 pm.

For detailed media reports on the above, please click here, here, here, here, here and here.

I hope that  this matter will be clarified soon, so that the law enforcement agencies can consentrate on other more important cases like the mysterious 6.7 Trillion Rupian Bank Century bailout case.


colson said...

They got to be happy: ever more publicity for TV One and Andries. This minor drama is rapidly evolving into a major comedy. The kind of light entertainment the program really is about.

Unknown said...

I think we have been fooled, very shameful charade.

Yari NK said...

I'm not sure who is right about this matter. Lies are lies no matter how small they are. If Andris is a fake legal case broker it is not a good instance for everyone of us. Yes our focus must not be diverted into minor cases like this one, but focusing on more major issues is not necessarily identical to abandoning minor cases like this, because big problems come from minor cases like this. Let's tackle them down before it grows out of hand....

Unknown said...

This matter should be clarified, surely the Police and the TV would not intentionally create wrong story.
The faster it is done the better so that our attention can be placed on more important matters.

Simon H said...

To be honest it wouldn't surprise me either way.

We all know the media here in Indonesia's not above doing anything to create some juicy gossip Indonesians love to lap up.

If TV One is making stuff up like this I hope the public lose faith in them...

Loving the blog, you give a good account of Indonesian news - glad I found it:)

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your visit and comment.
Yes, most of the media here are trying their best to create controversy so that they can increase their popularity.