Sunday, April 25, 2010

Avatar Tree for President SBY

President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) has been presented an Avatar Home Tree by the producer and maker of the movie AVATAR i.e. James Cameron.

Antara quoted Presidential spokesman Dino Patijalal as saying that the gift was presented in the form of an Oak Tree in a ceremony that took placed at Los Angeles, in which James Cameron said that Indonesia has important role in preserving world environment.  And the Oak Tree will be part of the one billion trees SBY promised to plant every year in Indonesia. At that time, SBY was represented by our Consular General in LA.

I hope this symbolic gift will strengthen SBY's determination to make Indonesia reduce 26% gas emision by 2020, as he promised world leaders last September, among others by masive planting of trees and stop deforestration.

Photo:  Courtesy of Antara.


Eci si Cami said...

Initiative is a worthy consideration and I think all presidents should worlds plant millions of trees that deforestation in the last 20 years have been massive.
I saw the news I read in newspapers, and I saw with my own eyes what happened in Romania in the last 10 years. There are hundreds of kilometers deforested almost every village .... shame that we realize that our children do wrong ......
Hello everyone!

Unknown said...

Eci si Cami,
It would be great if presidents of all countries commit themselves to replant trees.
It is very sad to hear what has deforestation in your country.
Now that the United Nations have initiated environmental talks among world leaders, let's hope that things would improve soon.

colson said...

The ambitions are really huge. That is, if planting billions of trees doesn't mean planting billions of trees for palm oil after having cut down the jungle.

Nevertheless it is a good thing to remind the president every now and then of the promise he made - like they did in California.

But even a president can't do it alone. It is one thing to outline a goal, the implementation depends on tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands others. They may be are hard to handle.

Yet it is positive and encouraging he spoke out.

Unknown said...

As a leader elected by majority votes SBY must be confident to make sure that he has control of situation. And people must always remind him about all his promises. I hope that billions of trees do not include palm trees or other commercial trees, otherwise it would be nonsense.

Megan Fox said...

SBY is the smart president of Indonesia. but, his "employee" from the party is so many person that not good


Unknown said...

Although implementation of his policies are depended on his subordinates, however as leader who has been elected by absolute majority of people, he should be confident enough to take actions to make sure that everything is implemented properly.

Tikno said...

I think the first paragraph of Colson's comments should be concerned

Yari NK said...

If SBY succeeded in reducing the greenhouse gas emission his character might be included in the next Avatar movie... haha..

Unknown said...

Yes the 1 billion trees that will be planted each year should not include palm trees that are grown after cutting of forests.

The problem is that SBY will end his 2nd. (last) term in office by 2014 thus 6 years before the final year for realization of his promise. All we can do is hope that his successor will keep the promise.

Unknown said...

It is a good policy to substantially plant trees regulary.Too many trees have been cut down previouslyie rain forests.I'd encourage it in NZ too.


Unknown said...

The impact of tree cutting here is very clear, flooding cities,towns, villages, farm land, plantation during rainy season, and drought during dry season.