Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tifatul Sembiring & Adolf Hitler

Last Thursday, Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring caused a controversy on Twitter when he quoted German NAZI leader Adolf Hitler's words : " the union between two children, when both of  them complete each other, this is magic ".

The Jakarta Post reported that Human rights activist Fadjroel Rahman has reacted by saying that it is not appropriate for a Cabinet Minister of a democratic country to quote the words of a person who was responsible for the genocide of at least 6 million Jewish people during the Second World War.

I hope that the posting of above quote does not imply that Tifatul Sembiring, former Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party which is part of the coalition government,  idolize Adolf Hitler..


@ctors Business said...

This is a worry - the quote in itself is very laudible - but the man who uttered it loathsome and there by association one has the right to question someone who so freely uses the quote because of its connotations. Much has been banded about lately about Hitler being a misunderstood human being. I beg to differ it matters not whether Hitler was kind to children (arian ones only we must assume)or didn't eat meat he did what he did and the subsequent generations of mankind have to live with the consequences of his actions

colson said...

A puzzling quote. I never heard of read it before. What the hell did Adolf Hitler mean??

And how come the minister appears to know by heart the works and sayings of the worst bastard of the 20th century? I can't believe he really shares (some of)the psychopathic opinions of the former German anti-Semite dictator.

Well, whatever. The least one can say the minister shows a worrying lack of good taste by quoting the top dog Nazi. Hitler is responsible for a war which did take 60 million lives in Europe alone, for Christ's sake!

Unknown said...

Differences of opinion and understand is normal in democratic countries. Apart from the agreed or not with the problem, a person is entitled to express his personal opinion. Are there any laws that prohibit?

Unknown said...

@Gwen Mui,
Thank you for your opinion.
If Hitler's words were quoted by an ordinary person or even a public figure who's not cabinet minister, those words would not be protested.
Ministers are supposed to be a model citizen, therefore cannot speak as he wishes in public.

Thank you.
Puzzling quote indeed, especially that person uses the quote is not an ordinary public figure.
I can only hope that the minister forgotten that he is a top govt official when he posted the quote.

Thank you.
I agree that in a democratic society people are free to talk and our constitution guarantee the freedom. However, cabinet minister is a top special person in Indonesia. Out of the 240 million people, there are less than 50 ministers who have special powers, privileges and VIP facilities and paid by taxpayers money to manage the country. Therefore if is obvious that people would want ministers to talk and act based on high quality standard. Can you imagine what would happen if each minister speak only based on his/ her personal and/or political party viewpoints.

Rizqy Sultan Alfaroby said...

i agree with you,,,

Unknown said...

Rizqy Sultan Alfaroby,
Thank you for your visit and comment

Unknown said...

What did that maniac Hitler mean in the first place?

Unknown said...

Frankly speaking I also don't known what does the words mean. I have been too devastated by the horrible things Hitler had done.

Don Shepard said...

I like the quote. Agreed that a cabinet minister would be better off not quoting Hitler however. I would think this would not be good for his re-election chances.

Hitler did have some good ideas, his evil deeds just came to trump any of these.

Unknown said...

Don Shepard,
You are right, Hitler's evil deeds trumped all his good ideas

colson said...

@ Don: Which of Hitler's good political ideas did you have in mind?

Tikno said...

Agree with Don Shepard. He would be better if not quoting Hitler.

Link Tea said...

Hi Friend .. I agree that in a democratic society people are free to talk and our constitution guarantee the freedom.

btw congrulations for your Pagerank.. siip Bos..god luck

Saung Web said...

Wah lama gak mampir sob.. selamat aja deh dengan Pr 4 nya

Unknown said...

I think that what Don meant was that as an individual human being Hitler had ideas which are not evil. I also like to know which one.

A quote cannot be separated from the person who expressed the words.

@Link Tea,
You are most welcome my friend.
I learned a lot from you.

Terima kasih teman, itu bisa terjadi berkat dukungan anda.

pojok newbie said...

i never hear this quote... i think it is his right to say any quotes. i hope the minister had to be wise to say some quote.

Unknown said...

Pojok Newbie,
Thank you for dropping by.
As human beings we have a right to quote others. But as a minister he represents the government therefore quoting Hitler who had been responsible for the death of millions of people during world war II is a very different thing.
Being a minister not only gave him authority but also responsibility to speak and acted based on good moral quality.

Anonymous said...

anyone forget this, probably he is a jewish never know? oh yeah....