Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Terrorist at the Jakarta Lawyers Club

TVOne's Jakarta Lawyers Club talk show last night surprised me when the host Karni Ilyas invited Ali Imron, one of the terrorists who was responsible for the suicide bombing in serving life time prison sentence, to speak via teleconference.

Although Ali Imron spoke through a television set, however it gave him as a prison convict, a very rare chance to talk an audience of millions of TVOne's viewers.

Claiming that he is still a terrorist, Ali Imron said that the recent Book Bomb terror and plan to bomb the Gas pipeline in Serpong on Good Friday were carried out by new generation of terrorists, and the 200 Kilograms of explosive they used were only materials for Fire Crackers, thus its destructive potential is very much lower compared to that of a TNT bomb.

He suggested anyone who wish to fight terrorists should meet and talk to him first if they want to succeed because as a terrorist he is the best person to seek advice for fighting terrorists.

The talk show was attended by the Chief of State Anti Terrorists Agency Asyaad Mbai, Chairman of NU, Chairman of the Indonesian Church Council Nathan Setiabudi, former Chairman of Muhammadiyah Safei Maarif, former leader of the Jamaah Islamiya Nasir Abbas, and many lawyers.

Considering that Ali Imron still proudly claim that he is a terrorist, I hope that our security agencies would be much more careful next time before they allow him to appear and talk in public.We do not want him to control activities of other terrorists from jail, the same way that jailed drug dealers control their retailers outside.


Wisata Murah said...

them more courage to admit his true identity

I am very concerned with psychiatric problems ali.hopefully someday soon return to the right path

Multibrand said...

Wisata Murah,
More serious efforts must be made
to prevent or at least minimize radicalism and extremism.
For which purpose the roots of problems in our society must be eliminated: Poverty and Injustice.
New jobs must be made available, for that entrepreneurs must be invited to invest on new businesses.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

That is potentially dangerous stuff, letting such a person talk.

Multibrand said...

Hi Peter/Kiwi,
Yes, such man should not be allowed to speak in public.

colson said...

I don;t know which prevails; the utter amazement about a convicted high profiled terrorist telling his story on TV (in Indonesia the impossible is possible) or my admiration for the TV producer who succeeded in persuading authorities to cooperate.

Multibrand said...

Hi Colson,
Due to all the strange things that's been happening lately, people are wondering how come the intelligence failed to detect all the terror activities.
People are beginning to think that all this is part of grand scenario to divert public attention from big issues like Bank Century case, the general and presidential elections foul play, as well as failure to eliminate poverty, high unemployment rate, injustice, corruption, etc.

colson said...

@ Harry: You may well be right about smoke screens and cover-ups and scheming to divert attention from huge national problems, yet I guess the terrorist-issue - including radicals calling for the overthrow of the administration and regime-change ( an Islamic state)- really is a giant issue itself.

Tikno said...

Extremist who has brainwash him would be pleased to see he's still claiming to be terrorist.

The punishment should be extended as he still no regret.

Multibrand said...

Actually the NII issue is just like the RMS issue, they were make very big by SBY and his men.
The difference is that they cannot take advantage of the RMS issue.

I am not sure about the guy.
I remember there was a shocking news about him drinking coffee at Starbuck Plaza Indonesia in 2004, when he was supposed to serve his lifetime jail term in Bali.
Here is the link for reference:

NeoSUFI.Tato said...

GOLDEN DISCUSSION ON TERORRISM - it worth to be studied by intellectuals, who are true believers.

security guards perth said...

I am interested on seeing the show via replay. I want to know what spurns terrorist to do what they do.