Saturday, April 2, 2011

Citibank Case : Melinda Dee

U.S based Citibank is the largest and a well known foreign bank in Indonesia.

This is obvious because according to Wikipedia,  Citibank has had it presence in Indonesia since 1918 when its precursor, The International Banking Corporation, set up branches in Batavia (present-day Jakarta) and Surabaya. The International Banking Corporation withdrew from Indonesia in the late 1920s, but Citibank reopened in Jakarta in 1968.

Many banks in Indonesia have adopted system quite similar to Citibank and hired ex officers of the said bank

Because of many decades of good performance and public image, I was very surprised when I read on the media that Citibank's Senior Manager for Prime Customers i.e. Inong Melinda a.k.a Melinda Dee (47) who has worked in the bank for around 20 years embezzled Rp 20 Billion of the bank's customers' money. 

During a talk show on TVOne tonight, a PR officer of the Police said that it is now investigating the case thoroughly, for which purpose they have arrested and named Melinda and a Teller of said bank as Suspects.

Beside that, the Police has confiscated money, apartments, expensive cars i.e. Hummer, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz. worth Rp 20 Billion.

I am very interested to know the development of the investigation of this case.


triesti said...

the gal has 2 ferarries and a hummer as a relationship manager.. how come no one suspected anything? check out her clients... there must be something fishy that she covered up so they turned a blind eye on her all these time.

analou said...

That's a lot of money. If this is true, how can she able to go to sleep a night soundly where she stole money?

Rob Baiton said...

maybe the police should also start looking into the practices, and the people, that Citibank employs to collect supposed credit card debts...

attayaya-office-web said...

waaaah cantik juga ya si melinda
karir yang menjadi negatif

Topbisnisbaru said...

Dari bisnis nyolong kyk gitu mending ikutan aku...Halal

smp 3 Lembang said...

Melinda Got blessing with beautiful face but what a pity she used it to cheat what a pity

colson said...

I guess the lady might have thought that if the top-notch bankers - the likes of Richard Fuld, Lloyd C. Blankfein c.a.- are allowed to rip us off, why shouldn't I?

Anonymous said...

Membobol dari dalam
Em :)

Salam persohiblogan
Daku kembali menyapamu kawan
Kembali ke dunia yang penuh persahabatan ini
Rindu rasanya
Ada puisi anget untukmu :)

sawali tuhusetya said...

meski bukan nasabah citibank, saya juga tertarik mengikuti perkembangan kasus ini, mas harry. semoga aparat hukum bener2 serius dan profesional menanganinya. tdk seperti kasus2 sebelumnya yang penuh dengan aroma tak sedap.

seragam sekolah said...

kaya tapi hasil maling... SO DIMANA sisi baiknya??

Jolly Princess said...

Gosh! I wonder why Melinda's illegal stash was unnoticed. Is there no auditor in Citibank Indonesia? Just asking, considering that the money involved is a big sum.

Multibrand said...

Yes there must be something fishy about this case that other officers of the bank turned a blind eye on her for so long.

It is hard to imagine how.

@Rob Baiton,
The Police has been investigating on the death collector case too, but the media seems to be more interested on this case.

Iya dia cantik, sayang jahat.

Benar, mending ikut bisnis anda.

It is a pity, indeed.

Yeah maybe she is just follow the other bad bank officers.

Terima kasih, saya akan berkunjung.

Mudah2an akan ditangani secara transparan.

@Seragan Sekolah,
Dimana ya sisi baiknya?

That's the big question, how come it could ever happen in Citibank?

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

You never know with people, Harry, some people you may have some respect and admiration for, succumb to temptation and end no better than a sewer rat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Yes we it is very difficult to tell how people are.

Boku no Blog said...

Kunjungan malam tuk simak dan baca2 artikel sobat

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

penjahat sekarang cantik2 ya? harus hati2. paras bisa menipu..

Multibrand said...

I agree with you.

Difficult to predict.

@Boku No Blog,
Terima kasih atas komentar anda

Saya sekali ya cakep2 maling.

r10 said...

kerja di bank memang lahan basah seperti di kantor pajak

tapi seharusnya MD sadar kalau korupsi di bank lebih mudah terdeteksi daripada di kantor pajak krn sistem pengawasan Bank sudah bagus