Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bravo Police

The National Police Anti-Terrorists Unit today has finally arrested 6(six) men who were reported to be responsible for spreading Book Bombs in Jakarta and vicinity last March.

Beside that, the Anti-Terrorists Unit has also been successful in finding two bombs that were placed near the Gas Pipeline not far from a Church in Serpong, Banten, this afternoon.

I am very happy with the above results, and therefore would like to congratulate and thank our National Police Anti-Terrorists Unit for their great jobs.

I hope that the Police and our intelligence network would do their very best to find who masterminded the spread of all those bombs and eliminate their terrorist network.

Moreover, I hope that every citizens will support the efforts to eliminate terrorists among others by keeping our eyes and ears open on what's going on near us and report to the Police if there is something suspicious.
Perhaps we could follow the people of Cirebon who do not allow the body of the suicide bomber who blew himself inside a Police Mosque last week to be buried in that town, that the Police has to find another burial place in East Jakarta.


Luke said...

Hi Harry, I agree that the police are doing a great job but all this happened in a week. So many bombs being discovered and all at once after almost nothing? Lets hope no more are left to be found. Happy Holidays :)

colson said...

The police has made quite a number of catches over the years. So you are right: bravo, bravissimo.

But looking from another angle: the security problem in the country has not really diminished and still is very serious.

Multibrand said...

I fully agree with you, but I felt that the Police need appreciation for their efforts. Happy holidays.

Yes you are right. I hope that what they have just achieved would boost their spirit and energy to settle the security problems.

r10 said...

Serpong dekat dengan Ciputat, rumahku, banten tampaknya memang target ekstrimis

Multibrand said...

Mudah2an jaringannya segera terbongkar.