Saturday, April 30, 2011

Communist and Heroes Cemetery

(Ret) Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Heru Atmodjo has been declared as an Independence Fighter by the Indonesian government, so when he died last January, he was buried at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery.

However, on 27 March his grave was silently removed to another cemetery.

MetroTV quoted the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Admiral Agus Suhartono as saying that the grave was removed because Heru Atmodjo was not eligible to be buried at the Heroes Cemetery. However  he refused to explain what was the reason for the removal..

The most possible reason was because some people in Surabaya, East Java, have alleged that he was part of the banned Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) therefore they demanded the removal.
According to VivaNews, Heru Atmodjo was the Assistant Director of the Air Force Intelligence Agency when the PKI rebelled on 30 September 1965, and he was accused of participating in the rebellion.
Because of this reason, the Military Extraordinary Tribunal (Mahmilub) has sentenced him to life in jail but later on they reduced it to 15 years in jail.

One of those who accused Heru Atmodjo a Communist was Prof.Dr. Coen Holtzappel, a researcher at the Leiden University, Netherlands, who said that the 1965 Communist Rebellion was an intelligence operation carried out by the Air Force Intelligence headed by Heru Atmodjo.

The grave removal was protested by a member of the House of Representatives who said that it was illegal because Heru Atmodjo has been declared a Hero, therefore eligible to be buried at the Heroes Cemetery.

This incident makes me wonder whether or not the authorities would remove the grave of other Heroes who were alleged of Corruption.


colson said...

Good question!

(It's regrettable and narrow-minded that heroes labelled "communist" are considered to be no heroes).

cicitHJHASSANu said...

salam tuan...

ingatkan yang hidup sahaja,tapi sesudah mati pun mahu ada birokrasi....

di sini kubur dipindahkan untuk projek habuan dunia.

against corruption must go on...or let's step them down

tips wisata murah said...

hahaha very funny..sampai data bahaya laten yang mengancam negara juga kecolongan..ya tuhan...... otaknya sangat parah..

attayaya-mading said...

hmmmm polemik tahun 65 masih berlanjut mpe sekarang

situs dofollow said...

selamat siang

CROCS Murah kw Super said...

salam kenal gan....

Multibrand said...

Hero title is bestowed by president therefore its cancellation must also be done by him.Removal of grave in just 2 months after burial shows sudden change of decision. Very disgusting it could happen in country with 240 mio popultion.

Memang harusnya kalau sudah meninggal tidak perlu dipikirkan. Yang harus dipikir adalah koruptor yang merugian negara.

@Wisata Murah,
Sangat memalukan.

Negara2 sudah sangat maju kita masih berkutat dengan masa lalu.

@Situs Dofollow,
Terima kasih atas kunjungannya

Salam kenal juga

-A. said...

Something rather unsavoury about making the move quietly and without public statement - hardly signs of honesty and integrity.

smp 3 lembang said...

mungkin selamanya negeri ini memang harus disibukkan dengan permasalahan yang kecil-kecil pak agar masalah yang besar terlupakan

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

negara ini kok malah sibuk ngurusin hal yang seharusnya bukan jadi fokus masalah negara saat ini..

Multibrand said...

Yes you are right, especially that the Hero title is an official state title, and the burial was do with military tradition.

Apa yang anda katakan juga dipikir dan dikatakan banyak orang disini.

Mudah2an tidak disengaja.