Monday, April 4, 2011

Citibank and the Murder of a Cardholder

Beside facing an embezzlement of prime customers funds by its Senior Manager, U.S based bank Citibank is facing a very serious criminal charges i.e. the torture to death of  a credit card holder by its debt collector.

The tragedy happened on 29 March when a holder of Citibank credit card i.e. Irzen Octa, Secretary General of United Nation Party, came to the bank's office at Menara Jamsostek, South Jakarta, to complain about the incredible sudden increase on his card bill from Rp 48 Million to Rp 100 Million.

Unable to handle the complain properly, an officer of the bank and two outsourced debt collectors took Irzen to the bank's room at the fifth floor of the building and brutally beat him to death.

The Jakarta Post quoted a Police officer as saying that traces of blood were found on the curtains and walls
and an autopsy performed on Irzen showed he suffered damage to his brain.

The Citibank officer and the two debt collectors were arrested and named suspects in the murder case and could be charged with Battery and Torture based on the Criminal Law, which carries a maximum jail sentence of five-and-a-half years.

Citibank PR officer Ditta Amahorseya refused to comment on the Police investigation but said that Citibank had and obeyed a strict code of ethics in regards to debt collection.

It is very sad to know that a big and famous U.S based bank like Citibank could ever use violent loving gang of thugs to handling the bank's customers, instead of legal proceedings. I hope that the government, especially Bank Indonesia as central bank, and law enforcement agencies would take serious actions, so that other banks would not use violence anymore.


stugod said...

I am going to cut my citi bank card up.. Just in case you understand.

colson said...

This is really outrageous!Horrible. Unbelievable. It almost reads like a very sick joke: customer service Citibank style. Being a client of that bank has be nightmarish.

There obviously is only a very thin line between bankers, white collar crime and other criminals.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

ngiler liat barang-barang yang bisa dibeli hasil uang haram itu.. mobilnya itu lho!

Aulawi Ahmad said...

I don't know what can say :) I hope the case immediately clear hehe

dee said...

it's should be not happen anymore and evaluation for all bank. Thanks Harry Nizam for sharing this!

smp 3 Lembang said...

City Band Guaranntee Brand but recently got many problem what a pity

attayaya-linimassa said...

credit card ga bisa dipercaya penuh.
harus sering cek fisik bukti transaksi
komputer penghitungnya ngawuuuuuuuur

Anonymous said...

untungnya saya gak pernah menjadi nasabah di sana
hehe, padahal gak ada uang untuk ditabunginnya :)

Multibrand said...

I consider that you breaking your Citibank cc as a sign of sympathy. Thanks.

Perhaps you are right, only a very thin line between bankers, white collar crime and other criminals.

Mungkin maksud anda posting sebelumnya tentang Citibank dengan Melinda Dee.

@Aulawi Ahmad,
Let's hope that the Police investigation would reveal what actually happened and those proven guilty in court would be punished.

Yes this tragedy should never happen again.

That means that the bank has not been honest all this time.

Benar, harus sering dicek, karena petugas bank juga manusia yang tidak luput dari kesalahan.

Memang sebaiknya tidak punya kartu kredit.

triesti said...

Interesting that Citibank being a multinational company is expected to conform NYE code on bribery etc, but has no problem about using physical force to treat his customer.

Multibrand said...

I wonder what happen to Citibank if they do it in the US.

r10 said...

Citibank ini memang mengincar pasar Kartu Kredit di Indonesia, karena itu mereka sangat "agresif" agar investasi mereka kembali

Multibrand said...

Citibank memang terlalu agresif menawarkan kartu kredit.