Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's wrong with Ahmadiyah ?

Ahmadiyah is a religious movement founded in India at the end of the 19th century, originating from the life and teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908), who claimed to be the last prophet of Islam, which is contradictory to the belief on mainstream Muslim that Muhammad is the last prophet of Islam..

Due to this fact,  Ahmadiyah has been rejected by mainstream Muslim all over the world although it is also based on the Al-Qur'an.. Some countries like Malaysia and Brunei have even declared it as illegal. Whereas, Pakistan which has 4 million Ahmadiyah members, has declared Ahmadiyah as Non-Muslim..

Ahmadiyah came to Indonesia around 80 years ago, and was registered as a legal entity in 1953. Several public figures were reported to be members of Ahmadiyah among others WR Soepratman, composer of the national anthem Indonesia Raya, and the late activist Arief Rahman Hakim.

Public opinion in Indonesia is split in three ways on how Ahmadiyah should be treated: (a) some hold it should be banned outright on the basis that it is a heretical and deviant sect that is not listed as an officially recognised religion in Indonesia; (b) others hold that it should not be banned because of the freedom of religion article in the Constitution, but also should not be allowed to proselytize under the banner of "Islam" on the basis that this is misleading; (c) still others hold that it should be free to do and say as it pleases based on the Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

In 2008, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Religion and the Attorney General issued a Joint Decree saying that Ahmadiyah is not allowed to spread its teachings to others who are not member of Ahmadiyah, but did not ban Ahmadiyah.

Clashes between mainstream Muslim and Ahmadiyah occurred many times, among others in Lombok in 2001, the latest one was last Sunday in Cikeusik, Banten, in which 3 Ahmadiyah members were killed.

In my previous post, I have hoped among others that the Ahmadiyah case could be be settled peacefully through dialog between government, Muslim leaders and Ahmadiyah leaders to find a " win-win " solution.

If Ahmadiyah members want to be Muslims, they should accept Muhammad as the last prophet, otherwise they should declare Ahmadiyah as a new religion.


Furree Katt said...

i completely agree with your concluding paragraph. Ahmadiyah should be a separate religion. though i'm not totally against it being illegal, i suppose giving them a right to believe in what they want is a humane decision.

H. Nizam said...

Furree Katt,
Yes I think that we should follow what has been done by the government and parliament of your country Pakistan i.e. declared Ahadiyah as a religion separated from Islam.

deevro said...

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Wisata Murah said...

selain ulama yang benar2 ulama kita tidak diberi kemampuan menafsir isi agama, karena ada beberapa ayat yang memang tidak bisa diterjemahkan,menafsir isi al qur'an juga diperlukan kebersihan hati

masalah yang terjadi sekarang,karena semua orang merasa pinter dan sesuka hati manafsirkan.sesudah itu peringatan terakir dalam alqur'an " BILA TERJADI MASALAH,KEMBALIKAN PADA SUNNAH DAN AL QURAN" tdk mereka pakai. mereka ngotot memakai tafsir/dalil sendiri. Didalam kandungan Al Qur,an di sebutkan bahwa kasus ini bakal terjadi karena kukurangan pemahaman kita, malah lebih buruk dari sekarang, karena menurut al quran perpecahan akan mencapai 72 golongan di akir jaman nanti

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for dropping by, I'll go to one of your sites later.

@Wisata Murah,
Pendapat anda benar.
Khusus untuk masalah Ahmadiyah sebenarnya tidak perlu ber-larut2 kalau pemerintah terus menerus melakukan sosialisassi SKB 3 menteri tahun 2008, dan para ulama termasuk MUI melakukan persuasi terus menerus pada kaum Ahmadiyah agar menjalankan Islam secara umum.

attayaya_puisi said...

ahmadiyah ini kok bandel amat ya

r10 said...

seharusnya memang Ahmadiyah secara resmi mendirikan agama baru, karena akidah dasar sudah berbeda dengan islam

H. Nizam said...

Beginilah jadinya kalau pemerintah dan ulama tidak tegas. Kalau mereka ingin agar warga Ahmadiyah mengikuti cara2 Islam pada umumnya harusnya mereka berupaya keras melakukan persuasi.

Mudah2an semua pihak bersedia mengadakan dialog untuk mencari solusi terbaik.

Ferdinand said...

Sore Sob... sebelumnya aku minta maaf nie baru bisa berkunjung hhe... :P

Hem... tentang Ahmadiyah aku setuju sama Pak JK, klo keyakinan mereka untuk diri mereka sendiri ya biarin aja, tapi klo keyakinan mereka didakwahkan lagi nha itu yg mesti ditindak...

Semangat n Sukses slalu :P

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

masih banyak polisi moral berpatroli tanpa ijin di Indonesia

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colson said...

There seems to be something very strange about organized religion. They usually claim there is only one way to please the Lord: theirs. Which is a pretty arrogant assumption in my opinion.

Believers should ask themselves whether God really is pleased by their bickering with believers of other denominations about the question who has the exclusive right to genuine worshipping - or even worse, denying others by using violence to do it their way.

To this non-believer it is not a pretty picture.

H. Nizam said...

Untuk penyelesaian masalah ini perlu diadakan dialog diantara pemerintah, ulama, dan Ahmadiyah.
Dan pendapat JP tsb bis dijadikan salah satu bahan dalam dialog.

Begitulah jadinya kalau pemerintah tidak tegas dan bingung.

@King Money,
Thank you for the ind words. I'll check your blog.

Personally I don't mind about the Ahmadiyah, because constitution gave freedom to citizens to choose their religions and faith.
But, the majority of Muslims here are against this.
If Ahmadiyah is allowed to claim that they are Muslim, but keep on adopting different concept, there will always be clashes in the future.
The worst thing is that everytime that happened the government and law enforcement agencies tend to hesitate to take serious action.

dee said...

yah, What's wrong with Ahmadiyah??? they're the same like us doing pray and connected to God with their believe.. so as long as they accepted in the society and not make any damaged and bad impact, so why not? and why with violence..violence not end the problem even they're minority.

triesti said...

I dont think SBK is constitutional. So, we cant use it as our based. with that note, it means our constitution is our base, meaning we must give them freedom to practice their religion/belief and the government must protect them eventho some moslems against Ahmadiyah.

Yesteryears it was the chinese, today it's Ahmadiyah turn to be the victim of our government ineptness. If we are not saying anything about this injustice, tomorrow it might be our turn to be victims.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

You know I respect your opinions. But, a new religion?

If the logic is that by declaring a new religion the violence will end against followers of Ahmadiyah, then I would beg to differ.

But, if the view is that by declaring a new religion then Ahmadiyah would cease to be Muslim / Islamic in nature is naive at best.

Think about Christianity for a moment. There are numerous sects in Christianity and they do not believe in exactly the same things but they are fundamentally Christian and these different belief systems sometimes end in violent conflict.

Therefore, even if Ahmadiyah declare themselves as a new religion, they are still fundamentally, and at heart, Muslims.

So, legislating that Ahmadiyah is not Muslim is nonsensical. It will also not stop the violence against the Ahmadis in Indonesia. There God is, after all, still Allah. Mohammad is a prophet, but not just the last one.

The arguments remind me of something the current pope is alleged to have said about protestant churches not being real churches.

I guess, my point, in a nutshell, the issue is far more complex than declaring new religions.

H. Nizam said...

Personally I agree with you as
long as the government and law enforcement agencies to be firm and take necessary actions on those who violate the laws.

The SKB is restricting the scope of the constitution, therefore you can say it's unconstitutional.
I fully agree that we should never stop protesting against any acts of violence, injustice, abuse of power, etc.


As I mentioned on my post, the best thing would be to hold an all inclusive dialog between the ulama, government, police and Ahmadiyah to find a what would be the best solution.
The idea of turning Ahmadiyah into a new religion is an alternative solution. There can always be other options.

This is really sad because the
constitution gave freedom to choose any religion.
Such idea would not exist if the government has been able to stop violence and radical actions.

I am always glad to read your comments. Thanks, Rob.

umihoney said...

Salam sejahtera Harry,
In my opinion the syahadah says it all.It is a Muslim testimony that Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)is the last messenger of Allah. To say otherwise is not in accordance with syahadah. A Muslim is a muslim when he/she accept the syahadah.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Umi,
I fully agree with you that for Muslims the Syahadah has clearly stated that Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of God.
So if the Ahmadiyah want to be Muslim they have to think and act as stated by the Syahadah.

salam semua said...

seharusxa muhammadiyah di hapus cz ajaranx emank sesat n mexesatkan...... NABI MUHAMMAD SAW adlah nbi yg trakhir..... takkan ada nabi lg smpai hri kiamat tba....

salam semua said...

muhammadiyah lebih baik di hapus cz ajaranxa sesat n mxesatkan...... dalam islam nabiMUHAMMAD SAW adlah nbi yg trakhir takkan da nbi lg smpai kpanpun tu.....

H. Nizam said...

Salam Semua,
Maaf saya harus koreksi tulisan anda, seharusnya Ahmadiyah bukan Muhammadiyah.
Sebagai orang Islam kita punya Surat Syahadat yang secara jelas katakan Nabi Muhammad adalah Rasul Allah.
Kalau mereka ngotot maka satu2nya jalan bagi mereka menjadi agama tersendiri.

lukman said...

saya melihat sebagai fenomena... lepas dari salah dan benar.
kita lihat saja...
yahudi menolak isa...
nasrani menolah muhammad...
islam menolak ghulam ahmad...
kelak ahmadiayahpun akan menolak nabi baru lagi...
kalau khatamanabiyyin itu masalah tafsir, yang jelas semua nabi sudah dinubuwatkan oleh agama sebelumnya termasuk ghulam ahmad.
nah jadi semua itu fenomena universal dari keagamaan. tapi kalau kita lihat garis vertikalnya semua itu satu garis agama/theologi. garis lainya pun bisa kita lihat di agama lainnya. karenanya apapun yang diperlakukan kepada ahmadiyah tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah selama kita belum siap untuk bhineka tunggal ika. mewujudkan islam sbagai rahmat semesta alam. semua agama, semua sekte, semua budaya pasti punya perbedaan fundamental. seharusnya semua berdampingan dengan damai kalau memang pembawa kedamaian.