Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lessons from Adjie

" C'est la Vie! " that's a French expression which means " That's Life! " in English.

That's what my mom used to say to me when I was a little boy whenever I asked her detailed questions about the complexity of people's characters and their lives.

Ironically, that's what I said to my mom last Saturday when she asked me detailed questions about the very shocking sudden demise of actor/model turned member of the House of Representatives Adjie Massaid (43) who passed away in the very early morning of Saturday because of a very sudden heart attack.

My mom (80) and dad (81) have reasons to ask for details, because they used to be quite close to Adjie as kid brother of Cherie, Dutch citizen ex wife of my late kid brother Dody. Although Dody passed away many years ago and Cherie have been living in Holland with their daughter Kemilau however my parents' longing for their niece seems make them remember about people related to her.

Adjie's death has changed my perception about heart attack which I used to think would only cause death to people above 50 who are lazy, love eating, fat, burdened with whole lots of problems in their lives.

Compared to me, Adjie lead a much healthier life than me in the sense he maintained physical health since he was young, he has successful careers,  a loving father of three kids, two from ex wife Reza (popular singer) and one from current wife Angelina Sondakh a member of the House.

From now on I must change my habits and start physical exercises more frequently, minimize eating meats that I loved so much, be more relax and flexible, and most of all I should sleep more than I usually do.

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest condolences and sympathy to everyone close to Adjie, may his soul rest in peace.


Meutia Halida Khairani said...

i was surprise when i heard about this news. his death is so sudden :(

colson said...

Yes, if a relatively young,vigorous personality dies, the occasion is a 'momento mori"- we all are mortal. Whatever we do, we run the risk of dying (brain haemorrhage, heart attack, whatever) from day one. Living is dangerous...

Yet, you are right. We should at least try to get and stay fit and drop bad habits like smoking. And at least step up our daily physical exercises.

r10 said...

kematian bisa terjadi kapan saja, dan sejujurnya aku terkejut melihat Ajdie Massaid meninggal karena serangan jantung, padahal dia bergaya hidup sehat

dee said...

heart attack could harm everybody, we should learn from adjie! Thanks Harry Nizam! Keep on spirit always:)

David Solafide said...

"Life is very short", said the Beatles in We Can Work It Out'. So, let's make use of it to find eternity

H. Nizam said...

Yes, it was very surprising indeed.

He is quite young compared to other members of the House especially that
SBY's Democrat Party lacks such men.
I have totally stopped smoking 15 years ago, but need to work a whole lots of things e.g going to the gym again.

Kematiannya yang sangat mendadak dan tidak terduga membuat kita sangat terkejut.

@David Solafide,
Yes we should make use of life until the end of time.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Deasy,
Yes heart attack could harm anyone.

umihoney said...

Dear Harry,
It is hard to say when it comes to the reason for the end of our time here.
My grandma died at the ripe age of over 90, she smoked (the palm leaf variety)she loved coffee 24/7, didnt need glasses at all to see,no white hair and not been sick at all until the day she died.
I think what is important is to do the best we can to stay healthy to be able to do what we want to do while we are still here.The end could be today or tomorrow who knows.

Thank you for sharing.. condolences to the bereaved family.

Berpikir Positif said...

yes, from now we must care with our healthy, minimize eat meat, stop cigarette, and sport

BeBek said...

Semua yang kita dapatkan di dunia ini akan kembali ke Tuhan...
termasuk kehidupan kita...

Semoga Om Adjie Massaid mendapat tempat yang layak di sisi Tuhan :)

Vasile Covaciu said...

interesting blog, I am glad to visit it!

Wisata Murah said...

saya pikir semua orang tidak percaya kalau dilihat dari gaya hidup dan penampilan,dia nampak seperti peria yang sehat.tapi memang urusan yang satu itu.otoritas ditanganNYA

Aulawi Ahmad said...

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiuun, I believe he happy now, in beside Illahi Robbi..amin. Btw such was the live, nobody know about our future espically our life limit in this world, tq 4 share :)

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

kasian anak2nya

H. Nizam said...

You are very right, we can never know when will our lives end, therefore we should always do our best to be healthy and do all the good things that must be done while we are still alive.

@Berpikir Positif,
Yes if we sill want to live longer we should not do thing that might risk our health.

Pada akhirnya memang Tuhan yang menentukan apakah manusia akan hidup lama atau sebentar.

@Vasile Covasiu,
I am very glad that you enjoyed my blog.

@Wisata Murah,
Benar hidup ata mati seseorang ditentukan Tuhan.

@Aulawi Ahmad,
That's why we must live properly and be good to others.

Memang kasihan anak2nya yang masih kecil2.

King Money said...

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H. Nizam said...

King Money,
Thanks a lot.
I am very glad that you like my blog.
I will check your blog.

ReBorn said...

hi pak nizam. how are you. I really miss your posts :)

I was also shocked when I heard this news. but I agree, "C'est la Vie", we cannot guess what will happen.

Attayaya_usg said...

apa bener dugaan diracuni itu ya?

H. Nizam said...

Great to see back on-line. I hope that everything is okay with you.

Karena dia politisi maka tidak lepas dari desas desus.

Anonymous said...

Hello Multibrand @ Harry

My condolences to your dear friend.
It's funny that in life, some people tend to pass on earlier than the others in spite of their
healthy lifestyles.

I guess it's not wrong to say that
their "time is up" or as people
always console themself, "God loves them too much ". If they
don't pass on due to illness, then
they will meet their Maker either
through some disaster, accident,
or sudden death....sigh....

The late Prime Minister of my country, Tunku Abdul Rahman, used to be a
chronic chain smoker but lived
up to the ripe old age of 87....

Life is indeed short.
Someone once told me to eat whatever I want and do whatever
I like for you never know if there
is another tomorrow.....And of course, why waste time entertaining people who don't even
matter ?

sawali tuhusetya said...

banyak orang yang tak menduga, termasuk saya, adjie massaid, bakal meninggal secepat itu, mas harry. sebuah pelajaran berharga, meski jodoh, kematian, dan rezeki itu menjadi rahasia Tuhan semata, agaknya manusia tetap berusaha sebisa-bisanya untuk menjaga kesehatan dan kebiasaan makan yang sehat sedemikian rupa. semoga adjie mendapatkan ketenangan dan kebahagiaan di alamnya yang baru.

H. Nizam said...

@Bear Wife,

Life is strange indeed, we can never predict what will happen to us.

I also agree that life is short so we must enjoy it.
But unfortunately it's not that simple because we have responsibilities to our loved ones, etc.

Semoga kita semua dapat memetik pelajaran berharga ini dan berdoa agar Tuhan melindungi dan memberikan umur panjang agar dapat berbuat baik lebih banyak lagi.

Furree Katt said...

Hi Harry,
just wanted to let you know that i changed my blog URL to
you will have to unfollow and follow again, so that your dashboard can get updated with my future posts since the blog feed has changed.
hope that's not too inconvenient for you!
thanks so much. have a great week!

DS. Utomo said...

Mas Harry, I have three principles for healthy ife :
1. Be Convinged (Yakin)
2. Surrender yourself to God (Pasrah)
3. Be Patient (Sabar)
Salam Hormat untuk Bapak-Ibu !

Anonymous said...

Padahal banyak harapan kemajuan PSSI nanti ada di tangannya

Moga damai di sana

attayaya_puisi said...

semoga dia tenang di alam sana

H. Nizam said...

@Furree Katt,
Okay I'll check your new blog and follow.

Good to know tha

Senang bertemu dengan anda disini lagi.

Iya semoga dia tenang.