Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drugs are more Dangerous than Pornography

I always believe that illegal Drugs is the root of evil today.

Result of studies shows that people who are addicted to Drugs would do anything to satisfy their craving, they would steal, rob to get them. Many of them would not hesitate to hurt or even kill anyone who gets in their way.

I have seen friends, relatives or read media reports about Drug addicts whose parents gave up taking care of them and send them to drugs rehabilitation centers, or even report them to the Police or the National Narcotic Agency (BNN). Many of them died of overdose.

According to BNN, illegal use of drugs has caused the death of 15 person a year and inflicted financial losses of 32 Trillion Rupiah in 2008 which is 5 times the budget of the government of West Java.

For that reason, I was shocked when Antara reported that an official of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) said that Pornography is more dangerous than Drugs.

I understand that Pornography would be dangerous for underage children, and not morally decent for others as stipulated by the Anti Pornography Law which enable the Court to punish  players, publishers and distributors with some years in prison and pay fine.

But the illegal use of Drugs is far more dangerous to society, this can be seen from what I have mentioned above and the fact that the Anti Narcotics Law enable the Court to punish their dealers/distributor with death penalty.


King Money said...

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triesti said...

at least I havent heard anyone OD'ed from Porn.

colson said...

Though alcohol is an even more dangerous killer I guess I share your amazement.

Well, actually on second thought I maybe don't; because what can we expect of a few sexually inhibited zealots but a twisted take on reality? :)

boyin said...

wow...i also surprise with what the ulama said, probably they though that drug is something that Indonesian people couldn't afford it as too expensive to got it rather than sex.

H. Nizam said...

@King Money,
I am very glad that you like my blog.
I will always visit blogs of those who visited my blog.

Yes, nobody OD'ed because of porn, although it might drive certain people to do bad things. But it all depends on the person.

I agree with you that we cannot expect much from the present management of MUI.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Boyin,
Yeah maybe you are right, now that they have forced whore houses to be closed, there would be imbalance in the supply-demand of sex workers LOL

tips wisata murah said...

problems that would not go. from the time of habel and qobil

Ferdinand said...

Menurutku keduanya sama berbahayanya Sob... tapi klo pornografi mungkin cakupannya lebih ke anak2, klo Drugs udah parah haha..

Semangat n happy blogging :P

H. Nizam said...

Wisata Murah,
Illegal distribution of Drugs are man made which can be stopped or minimized if there is serious law enforcement.

H. Nizam said...

Tepat sekali, pornografi mungkin berbahaya bagi orang yang belum nikah terutama anak2. Kalau orang sudah nikah tidak masalah karena jalan keluarnya sudah pasti aman.

mannoy @ webnatin said...

More dangerous if combined. seeing porn under the influence of drug. OMG

Berpikir Positif said...

kalau udah sakaU seorang pecandu bisa membunuh untuk mendapatkan uang pembeli narkoba dan kalau sudah pesta narkoba kemungkinan bisa disambung dengan sex party jadi saya setuju narkoba lebih berbahaya dari pornography

Senja said...

keduanya sangat mengerikan,terlebih untuk anak-anak remaja, dan para orang tua yg pasti khawatir berat.

apa kabar pak ? saat ini gerimis dikotaku...

Media update said...

Pornografi last posting is idea..and info nice

dee said...

pornoghraphy and drugs are the same dangerous for our youth generation! multibrand1 there is no post there? u wanna make another blog Harry..

H. Nizam said...

Yes you are right, the use of drugs while watching porn film might cause dangerous effect.

@Berpikir Positif,
Memang narkotika effektnya menghancurkan orang bahkan mematikan.

Keduanya memang menghawatirkan orang tua.
Kabar saya baik, disini juga gerimis, mungkin karena Imlek ya.

@Media Update,
I am glad you like this post. Thanks.

Multibrand1 is a back up blog

attayaya_kota said...

biasanya abis ngedrug, mereka ngeseks

H. Nizam said...

Sepertinya begitu ritualnya

r10 said...

mudah2an Indonesia tidak menjadi seperti meksiko, dimana disana narkoba sudah jadi musuh nomer satu bangsa

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

jangan lupakan rokok..

DS. Utomo said...

From generation to generation we always face similar social problems, i.e. pornography, drugs and prostitution. Thanks for coming to me yesterday on giving advice and tutorial about better blogging. I've appreciated it so much, mas Harry !

attayaya_hotel said...

kalo bisa kedua bahaya itu dihindari deh

H. Nizam said...

Kampanye bahaya anti narkoba di kita lemah dibandingkan Malaysia,Thailand dan Singapore, dimana sejak puluhan tahun lalu mereka lakukan secara sangat ekstensif.

Banyak orang bilang bahwa orang memakai narkoba dimulai dengan merokok.

You are welcome Pak. Thanks.

Narkoba dan porno grafi masing2 memang punya unsur membahayakan.

umihoney said...

Hi Harry,
Absolutely the root to all the other problems. A person addicted to drugs totally loose control on all his action. Every breath he takes is towards the next fix. How can he has any other thoughts except drugs and he'd do anything to get it regardless..even murder if he has to.
If that is not dangerous I don't know what else.
I have seen a girl selling herself for drugs by the road side in KL by the cemetery where guys line up to take turn.
Would she demean herself under normal circumstances..absolutely not.So yes I agree with you that drugs is more dangerous.

Nrupen Masram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liberal Stupidity said...

Government has not done a real good job of legislating moral issues. Mankind's moral weaknesses can not simply be outlawed.

H. Nizam said...

Liberal Stupidity,
Thank you for your comment.

Kira Permunian said...

I have worked with sites about drugs and I've learned from these sites that all drugs are dangerous when abused - even the drugs your doctor prescribes. I think Alcohol is the the most dangerous because it is legal, legal to be addicted to it lol.

The truth is most of us including me find it difficult to talk to children about sex in particular, but we must protect the innocence and purity of children for as long as possible.

H. Nizam said...

@Kira Pemurnian,
I agree with you and Colson that alcohol can be more dangerous than illegal drugs because it is legal to be addicted to it therefore more difficult to prevent addiction.