Saturday, February 19, 2011

Threat of U.S Movie Boycott

American film producers have threatened to boycott film exports to Indonesia.

The Jakarta Globe reported that this threat was made by the Motion Picture Association, the international counterpart of the Motion Picture Association of America, in response to the Indonesian government's plan to impose a levy of 43 cent per meter film imported.

According to Liputan6, actually the levy should have been effective on 1 January 2009, but was postponed until 1 January 2012.  And the levy is not final yet still waiting for the result of talks between the Indonesian Directorate General of Customs & Excise and MPA.

I hope that both parties could find a "win-win" solution for this matter, considering that such boycott would effect many people here i.e. movie lovers, cinema workers, cinema tax.
Moreover the boycott will make a lot more people buy pirated DVDs which until now cannot be stopped.

Image : Courtesy of Liputan6


Anonymous said...

Hi Harry

Imagine what life would be without
American movies ? People literally
grow up with them !

Methinks that Indonesia will not
impose the levy in the end. South
East Asia depends too much on US trade to survive. Imagine what will
happen if say US were to backlash
by imposing levy on Indonesian goods ? What will happen then ?

Even with the emergence of China,
most countries are still depending
on US for trade to survive.

In the mean time, maybe we will have to make do with alternative

Mainland China movies anyone ?
Better still if they are communist themed *x* lol ha ha ha

Wisata Murah said...

problem of pirated VCDs is not unstoppable. but there is no intention to quit

I make music that is protected copyright work has been 20 years
and children's works of this nation was hijacked without protection from government..

colson said...

Hey, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stop importing American films and start getting hooked on the great European cinema :).

Anonymous said...

Less imported movies will help and be really profitable for local production

ZuXuZ said...

sudah saya follow mas...

Furree Katt said...

that's really terrible if American movies are no longer allowed to be screened in Indonesia!
like you, i too hope for a win-win situation. i think everyone deserves a bit of variety when it comes to entertainment.

H. Nizam said...

@Bear Wife,
Yeah you are right, all the people I know grow up watching American movies.

I think that our authorities realize that their action might backlash like you said. So they would try to reach a win-win solution with the American association.

@Wisata Murah,
I hate to admit that pirate dvds can be stopped if there is serious law enforcement, but I agree with you.

Yeah you are right!
I love European movies. I use to be a big fan of Holland's Sylvia Kristel, French's Catherine Deaneuve, Brigitte Bardot, and many others.

I hope that less imported movies would enable local movies to develop well like you said.

Terima kasih.

@Furee Katt,
Yes well all need variety when it comes to entertainment.

Berpikir Positif said...

wow we will be lost The last Harry Potter , what a pity I have to read its review and I 'll be waiting this film

H. Nizam said...

Berpikir Positif,
Yes you better do that, bro.

r10 said...

masalahnya, filmnya dipajaki, tapi tidak ada perlindungan hukum karena pembajakan dimana-mana

aku pernah beli/download/nonton bajakan, dan kualitasnya sangat parah, mulai dari gambar, sound, hingga subtitlenya

karena itu aku lebih senang nonton film asli, kebanyakan sewa di video eazy dan kadang menonton langsung di bioskop

H. Nizam said...

Iya, sudah dibajak habis-2an sekarang mau dipungut bea masuk yang tinggi, pantas kalau mereka marah.

colson said...

@ Harry: Sylvia Kristel;) ??

H. Nizam said...

Hi Colson,
Yeah Sylvia Kristel - Emanuele and Mata Hari.

triesti said...

@harry I second colson: Sylvia? hahahaha.. Havent hear that name in ages.

I dont think they will boycott Indonesia forever, because like you said, it'll only increase the illegal DVD distribution. But also increase the number of people buying big screen tv etc to watch it at home.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Could you make western movies(cowboys and Indians)movies in Indonesia? LOL

H. Nizam said...

Yeah, with 240 mio population and fast growing economy, Indonesia is too good to be boycotted.
Re: Sylvia Kristel, 2 years ago MetroTV played Mata Hari with Sylvia as the main star.

We can make cowboy movie but cannot attract many people to watch it.