Monday, February 21, 2011

Twitter Suspended Ubertwitter

Twitter is my favorite online social networking media in the world.

It has enabled me to communicate with more than 1,365 followers, read quotations, inspiring words from famous people, keep track of what's happening around me, using only 140 characters based on real time.

Beside that, through Twitter I relayed all my blog posts to Facebook and some other online media. 

In order to maximize the use of Twitter on my Blackberry mobile phone, I installed Ubertwitter which provide much more advantages compared to the "ordinary" Twitter.

Last Saturday afternoon, I noticed that something went wrong with Ubertwitter, messages stuck and when I tried to refresh a " forbidden " sign popped-up.

When I opened Ubertwitter yesterday, I read an announcement from the the management of Twitter saying that it has suspended Ubertwitter, Ubercurrent and Twidroyd starting Saturday.

Details on this matter can be read on PC World (click)


deeahzone said...

might be coz a lot of users using ubertwitter to update, that's mean increasing the number of people using ubber twitter caused that site suspended;) Thanks Harry for Share this!

H. Nizam said...

Hi Deasy,
That's one of the reasons. According to twitter Ubertwitter violated its copyright, misuse of account, etc.

Penghuni 60 said...

I don't have Twitter

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

it's OK sir. you can use tweetdeck like me. hehehe

colson said...

Harry obviously you are way ahead of me :). I'm lagging behind. People in the vanguard like you are rapidly disappearing in the distance:). I admire that.

But to indulge in something like Übertwitter is beyond me. That word Über is a guilty word :). No wonder Übertwitter left you in the lurch :).

adetruna^ said...

you've to write 140 characters not 140 words.... CHEERS!

H. Nizam said...

It is okay, thank you for dropping by.

Yeah you are right, I must use tweetdeck.

Yeah, Ubertwitter, which I wrote without umlaut on the 'U', has left me behind.
That's what I get for indulging to using such technology.

Yes you are very right. Thank you for the correction.

sawali tuhusetya said...

dalam soal jejaring sosial, saya termasuk pemalas, mas harry, hehe ... alih2 ubertwitter, twitter aja jarang saya tengok, hehe ...

H. Nizam said...

Saya juga lihat Twitter kalau lagi waktu luang seperti menunggu janji dengan orang, jam makan siang dll.

Pier's Blog said...

jarang mas saya buka twitter saya..hehe

kalo ada pemberitahuan aja baru dilihat ^^v

Btw, saya sudah follow mas..
jgn lupa follow balik n komentar y..

.:: salam kompak dan sukses selalu ::.

H. Nizam said...

Terima kasih, pasti follow balik.

r10 said...

Saya jarang buka twitter. Aplikasi twitter yg saya suka Tweetdeck

posting tweet kita sekarang tidak lagi muncul di facebook, entah kenapa, saya belum tahu solusinya

tips wisata murah said...

could be increasing the number of fans on twitter
or indeed the network again wrong.

Luke said...

Hi Harry, I have been trying to use it but today all I get is forbidden and so I will wait for it to be running again. You are right Twitter is the better social network, far less annoying and no pet society!!!!

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

alasannya kenapa ya pak? saya males nyari tau..hehe

boyin said...

i have twitter but so hard to keep o update as my community more in fb than twitter.

H. Nizam said...

S/d sekarang saya update FB pakai blog ini, twitter dan foursquare.
Mungkin anda perlu cek lagi account FB atau twitternya.

@Tips Wisata Murah,
According to Twitter, Ubertwitter has been using its trademark wrongly and other reason.

Yes twitter is much more focus, not games, not pet society etc.

Menurut twitter UT telah menlanggar hak cipta T, membolehkan pesan lebih dari 140 karakter, dll.

FB is okay too. My FB friends are almost the same as my Twitter followers. It's just that I am more attached to twitter.