Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt, Indonesia, Military Regime

After 18 days of demonstrations that killed around 300 people, yesterday the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down from 30 years of authoritarian rule.

The interesting thing was that Mubarak hand over his power to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which means that Egypt is now under military regime.

This remind me of the situation in Indonesia in 1966 when President Soekarno was forced to hand over power to the military which marked the beginning of 32 years of authoritarian rule.

It all began on the night of 30 September 1965 when 6 Army generals and 1 officer were brutally killed by a mysterious group of people.

The Army suspected that the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) was responsible for the killing, in their effort to take over power from President Soekarno.

On 11 March 1966, the Army lead by the late General Soeharto forced President Soekarno to hand over his power to them. In 1967, Soeharto was appointed as Acting President, and President in 1968..

Within two years after that, hundreds of thousands of people alleged to be members of PKI were killed mysteriously, some were sentenced to death or life by military tribunal, and many were send to exile at the Buru Island in the Province of Maluku.
Afterward, the regime make efforts to maintain power among others by silencing oppositions, limiting political parties, fabricating general elections, etc. The worst thing was that said regime practiced and condone overwhelming corruption, bribery, and all other evil things for the nation, that when Soeharto was forced to stepped down on 21 May 1998, the country has to be treated under intensive care of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Considering the similarity between what happened in Egypt today and Indonesia in 1966, I felt that it would be best for Egypt to learn from our experiences so that they could avoid the terrible things that happened to Indonesia when we were under military/authoritarian regime.


Liberal Stupidity said...

I too was struck by the oddness of this situation, it is being described as a democratic reform, when in fact it was not an election, but a mob in the street, that resulted in a military takeover! I wish them the best, but fear the worst.


TUKANG CoLoNG said...

semoga perubahan yg terjadi positif, ga kayak reformasi di Indonesia

cicitHJHASSANu said...

salam tuan...

this is a good article to share with M'sian too....

in fact,we led by a police regime and what we called Polis Raja Di Malaysia...not a kingdom.

marfinsyah said...

Ma'af ya saya tak paham ingris, jadi salam kenal aja dari saya

DS. Utomo said...

According to experience, the power always has a limited time. Happy Blogging, mas Harry !

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

The difference, of course, is that Egypt has been under authoritarian rule by a president who was a military officer; taking over from another who was assasinated. The question is,of course,what is the future? The same old, same old and follow America - or a change to a pro-Islam regime and change the whole balance in the Middle East?


Berpikir Positif said...

Yes I agree with you sir,WE hope that the military stay in power just for a short time until egyptian held a general election to elect new leaders. As soon as possible

King Money said...

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attayaya-bahasa said...

damai di bumi
damai di hati

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry

We all know that history always
repeats itself. Unfortunately
people never learn.

First there will be a corrupt regime, and then comes people power demonstration , next militiary takes over and for all you know,a dictator becomes the leader of the nation. He is no better than his predecessor that the people tried to topple.

It's sad that the cycle repeats
itself over and over again. Why?
Because the government machinery
itself is corrupt and most of the
masses are politically immature.

A politician is a politician.
He can project a religious image, a nationalist image, a progressive
image..bla bla bla but beneath it
all they are all the same.

Will a leopard ever change its spots?

Kira Permunian said...

For my country, I don't want military regime to get back... In a democratic country, the crowd will always win.. All the best for Indonesia!

colson said...

Though there are differences between Indonesia '65 and Egypt 2011, you still made valid comparison in my opinion.

The army in the country at the Nile has been the sole integral part of Mubarak's regime. It is a chilling idea that Egyptian youth that toppled the dictator is dependent for it's future on the dictator's cronies.

Actually apparently hardly any leader of an opposition exists - the Muslim Brotherhood being the one exception.

I really hope some miracle will happen. Really hope this revolution will not eat it's own children. Let's pray the Egyptian people will not be crushed by between Scylla ( the army) and Charybdis ( fundamentalists).

FishHawk said...

"Multibrand" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

umihoney said...

Salam sejahtera Harry,
Thank you for sharing that tragic history of your great nation. I hope the military will keep their promise to be a caretaker govt. in lieu of the general election for the Egyptian. Else we would see another unrest and protest in Tahrir.

Wisata Murah said...

anda sangat fasih membahas sejarah bangsa,terimakasih sharingnya

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

it's really terrifying thing sir.. i hope our experience in 1966 never happen in Egypt.

i give an award for you sir.. please accept it :)

H. Nizam said...

@Liberal Stupidity,
Yes, let's hope that every thing will work out fine so that the people of Egypt would not suffer much longer.

Benar, semoga berjalan postif.

One this that I love about blogging is that we can share many things with people from various countries.

Let us hope so Pak.

It would be very interesting to know which way Egypt will be going to in the future.

@Berpikir Positif,
Yes, let us hope that the problems in Egypt will be over very soon.

@King Money,
Thank you for the kind words which I take as a compliment. I'll check your blog again.

Semoga selalu damai dibumi ini.

@Bear Wife,
I agree authoritarian regimes everywhere used the same pattern and politicians will always be politicians no matter what they say or do. They'll do anything to get power.

@Kira Pemurnian,
Let us hope that Indonesian and Philippines would not be govern by military regimes anymore.

Yes it is very sad that the youth who toppled Mubarak are depended on the military.
I just heard that the military regime has disbanded parliament and freeze constitution.
They really are working very fast to grab all the power they can get.
I hope that the people of Egypt would not suffer very long.

@Fish Hawk,
Thank you very much. I will check your site ASAP.

Let us hope so. However, latest news said that the military has take harsh actions a.o disband parliament and freeze constitution
so it is difficult to predict.

@Wisata Murah,
Terima kasih atas punjiannya.
Sebagai blogger kita harus terus belajar a.l. dengan saling share.

Let us hope everything with be fine in Egypt and Indonesia.
Thank you very much for the award. I come and take it from your blog.