Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Honda recalls 30,252 cars in Indonesia

Japanese car manufacturer Honda announced last Thursday that it plans to recall 693,497 cars around the world, including 30,252 in Indonesia.

The Jakarta Globe quoted the website of Honda Prospect Motor, Honda's sole agent in Indonesia, as saying that the recall would affect three popular Honda brands i.e. Jazz hatchback, City sedan and Freed minivans, produced between 2008 and 2010.

The recall will begin on 28 February in Java Island and 2 March outside Java Island. Honda will replace a component called " a lost motion spring " for engines in the three Honda brands.

I hope that other cars produced and/or sold by other car manufacturers in Indonesia are really safe although they are not recalled.

Image: Courtesy of Honda Prospect Motor


DS. Utomo said...

Well, is that business competition or marketing strategy ?

attayaya_alam said...

recall lagi???
tahun 2007 (kalo ga salah) pernah recal juga.

kek anggota DPR aja yg kena recal

BeBek said...

Lha? Masa sih ada recall lagi?

Info yang bagusPak :)

colson said...

It almost fashionable among the great car brands. In recent year all of them did the same. Last year Toyota even several times.

It may help their branding but it shows they really care about their image as a producer of safe cars.

H. Nizam said...

I never thought about it that way Pak. But it is a possibility.

Benar, bukan anggota dpr saja yang direcall.

Demi keselamatan pemiliknya.

I agree with you.
It is also an opportunity to show that they care about their buyers' safety.

Berpikir Positif said...

It's better Honda ecall their product for satisfaction guarantee of their consumer

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

untung saya ga punya mobil *eh

H. Nizam said...

@Berpikir Positif,
Yes Honda must do that if they want to maintain their good name.

Sekarang anda merasa begitu, nanti tentunya akan berbeda.

r10 said...

ini pertama kalinya di Indonesia perusahaan mobil menarik produknya, biasanya hanya terjadi di amerika yang persaingannya sangat ketat

H. Nizam said...

Tindakan ini sangat baik bagi para konsumen Honda. Mudah2 akan diikuti produser lainnya di Indonesia.

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