Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Dirty Judges

The concept of Rule of Law is adopted by most democratic countries of the world, emphasizing on the upholding on of the following basic principles :
-  Supremacy of Law
-  Equality before the Law
-  Human Rights protection

As a consequence, Judges of the Courts of Law must consists of high quality people who uphold the above principles and morality so that they can make wise and fair decisions/verdicts.

Considering the above, I was very upset when I read on the news media that in the first three months of 2012 (January - March) , 28 Judges have been punished by the Supreme Court. And this number is growing bigger as time goes by, the latest one being the Head of South Sumatera High Court M. Daming Sunusi who thinks that Rape is an act of fun enjoyed by the Rapist and the Victim.

What make me more upset is the opinion of former Chief of the Constitutional Court Jimly Assiddiquie that Daming should not be severely punished because what said was just a slip of the tongue not intentionally.
Hmmm ..... as the Head of a High Court with 24 years experience as Judge, Daming has no right to talk that way about Rape to anybody especially to members of the People's Consultative Council.

We can only hope that the Supreme Court would do its best to make sure that the Judges are doing their job properly so that Indonesia would be a lot much better place to live in.

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Wisata Murah said...

mengenai komentar Daming sanusi yang menganggap sikurban di sipelakau sama sama menikmati, ini tidak hanya membuat marah pak harry sendiri, tapi saya pikir seluruh orang yang menf=dengar kabar ini akan marah juga,karena walau seandaiya itu hanya canda, tapi tetap ga etis alias gila

Annmarie Pipa said...
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Annmarie Pipa said...

oh my gosh! How do such people get that kind of power?!

Harry Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Anda benar sangat tidak etik bagi seorang hakim pengadilan dan para anggota DPR untuk menganggap perkosaan sebagai lelucon.
Jangan2 mereka itu menjalankan tugasnya berpikir dan bertindak seperti badut semua.

That's the big question the Indonesian people are asking today.

munir ardi said...

semoga masyarakat tidak mengganggap demikianlah cerminan hukum di Indonesia cuma buat Mainan

Harry Nizam said...

@Munir Ardi,
Kita berharap demikian, tapi kalau tidak ada perubahan akan membuat orang frustasi.

colson said...

Some (upperclass) vices have grown to be a socio-cultural custom over years, decades and perhaps centuries. And became a "Gesunkenes Kulturgut" gradually. It's not easy to wipe them out.

Yet the number of 28 sanctioned judges over a period of three months also indicates the present fierce fight against those vices.

Harry Nizam said...

I have to admit that I agree with your opinion about vices are now turning into some sort of a socio culture.
I also agree that the sanctioning of 28 naughty judges in just 3 months is a very good sign of improvement.

Perpus UM said...


Yang sedang bingung dengan judul SKripsi, Tesis, Disertasi
mampir aja kesini... banyak dan lengkap dengan abstrak, artikel dan semua BAB