Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fake Identity on Facebook

I opened an account on Facebook in the year 2008, but I have not been active continuously, only on and off.

One reason that made me do that is because I found some weird things on Facebook such as the use of photo which shows very different person, fake name, fake address, fake sex, et cetera.

For example a man from Yogjakarta tried to impress a lady friend of mine from Jakarta by claiming that he graduated from the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He preferred to put on his FB page the sign of Pemuda Pancasila youth organization instead of the sign of said famous University. I later learned that his name was not on the list of Indonesians who graduated from said university.
He claimed that he has written and published a book about the lady and two other women, but until now he never show or give a copy of the book and it cannot be found on Google or bookstore.
No wonder he never want to mention complete name/complete identity and does not write proper English.

Beside that man, there was also other men and women doing the same deceptive things on Facebook.

Due to the above facts, I prefer to use Twitter which only allow 140 characters text messages therefore minimizing nonsense.


colson said...

There is no denying. FB does incite deception by low life scum unfortunately. And the organization itself abuses users' data.

I have an account and just like you I've never used it myself. Yet I admit I do closely follow what my children and a few fellow bloggers write. So I'm rather ambiguous on this issue .....

Luke Regler said...

Hi Harry, Facebook and Twitter as well as every other social network online are easy places to be someone else and live a lie. Far too many people fall for these scams due to many reasons. For me, I only have those on Facebook that I believe are real people and I reject those that add me without them making contact with me.
More needs to be done to educate people of all ages to the danger of strangers online.

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Colson,
I agree with you that FB abuses users data. I now seldom visit FB.

Hi Luke,
Yes you are right, many people especially females have been sexually abused by males they met in FB. The funny thing is that people do not seem to learn from other's experience

Amita said...

face book jaring sosial internet gratis .. tergantung pengguna yang memanfaatkannya … bagi saya facebook adalah ajang pertemanan yang menyenangkan … kita dapat berteman dari berbagai teman dan dari negara lain … bersilaturahmi dengan keluarga dan teman sekolah lama dengan berbagi kabar atau foto ….saya tidak terlalu perduli pada orang2 yang mempunyai status palsu .. bila ada yang tidak sopan dan mengganggukan kehidupan saya .. saya akan memblokirnya

Harry Nizam said...

Saya setuju dengan anda bahwa FB tergantung pada bagaimana penggunanya
kalau ada yang kita suka kita hapus saja.