Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Arrest of 17 Celebrities

They are all well known presenter, actor, actress, and singer in Indonesia.

As such, they own lots of money, wear expensive dress/shirt/pants, ride fancy cars, live in beautiful houses and have easy access to many important people and facilities.

Ordinary citizens like me and most of the 240 million people in Indonesia would envy them and ask :  " What more would you ask for? "

That's the question I asked my self when 17 famous people including presenter Raffi Ahmad, member of Jakarta Parliament Wanda Hamidah, Actor Irwansyah, Actress Zaskia Sungkar and 13 others, were arrested by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) last Sunday around 5 a.m, for possession of 14 Ecstasy pills and 2 Marijuana joints (please read here).

BNN Director Benny Mamamoto was quoted by The Jakarta Globe as saying that his detectives arrested all 17 of them at Raffi's house in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. This arrest was done after three months of investigation.

BNN is still waiting for the overall results of tests on Urine and Hair of all 17 which started last Sunday. But a source at the agency said that initial result of the urine test shows negative, and nor still waiting for hair test (for details please read here).

I hope that the BNN would conduct a thorough investigation on this case not merely on the 17 of them but also the suppliers of Ecstasy pills and Marijuana.


Wisata Murah said...

saya sependapat dengan pak harry, karena kalau hanya pemakai yang dikenakan sangsi, sementara pengedar bebas mengobrak ngabrik sikis maupun mental geberasi kita dengan dagangan haramnya itu masih bebas bergentayangan seperti hantu disiang bolong, ya percuma

kita semua berharap momok yang perlahan tapi pasti menghancurkan bangsa ini cepat selesai.

Ria Tumimomor said...

where there is demand there will be supply... :(

Harry Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Mudah2an harapan kita dibaca oleh pihak yang berwenang sehingga bangsa kita bisa berkembang maju pesat.

Yes that's the law of economy.

colson said...

I assume people have the right to make their own existential choices.

So People drive too fast in their cars and put others' and their own lives in jeopardy. If they get caught they pay a fine.

SO People smoke, get addicted and put their own lives ( and that of others close them who breath their polluted air)) in jeopardy in the long run. There's no sanction here.

But Meth, heroine and ecstasy are addictive, ruining health and may ultimately be lethal ( marijuana is not or is even a medicine by the way), and are targets in an extremely costly and unsuccessful 'war on drugs' which created a huge well organized criminal drugs-industry of illegal but very profitable production and distribution and huge and extremely costly counter-industry of drugs fighters.

It doesn't make sense to me.

PS: Don't read me wrong. Drugs and cigarettes are off limits to me. Never ever touched that poison.

Harry Nizam said...

It is always interesting to read your opinion on matters related to narcotics and other addictive stuffs like marijuana which was legalized in your country since the '70s.
In this case I have to be different from you, because I truly believe that all those stuffs are highly contagious especially among young people. I cannot imagine how it would be if they are sold freely in Indonesia and other places. I am sure that there would be a whole lot of people who make big profit at the sacrifice of so many millions of people.
Addiction to drugs and marijuana who make a person cannot live with those stuffs. The will do anything including stealing and killing to get money to buy them. Crime rates would significantly increase.
So the victims are not just the addicted ones (junkies) but also their family, close friends and the society.

munir ardi said...

yang jelas meski tak gunakan narkoba tetapi yang suka dengan kehidupan malam pati akan rentang dengan hal seperti ini

Harry Nizam said...

@Munir Ardi,
Saya sependapat dengan anda.

Munir said...

Marijuana is now legalized for medicinal purposes in the state of New Jersey. Rich or poor, I guess when it is legal for them, they seem to enjoy it a little less.
Any substance that is addictive not be used unless our lives depends on it. But who am I to make this statement?

Harry Nizam said...

Many people say that consuming marijuana is an initial step illegal consumption of narcotics/drugs.
I have seen very close people who are victimized by drugs, they will do anything to get drugs including lying, stealing, even killing.

amita said...

bukan hanya artis dan aktor atau penyanyi yang mengkonsumsi barang itu ada juga anggota DPR , polisi dll sebetulanya mereka sudah cukup tau buruknya Narkoba ..

Menurut saya selama hukum di Indonesia kita masih gelap masih belum tegak keadilannya Narkoba akan terus beredar .. sungguh mengerikan ..


Harry Nizam said...

Anda benar, hukumnya sudah cukup benar, kelemahan kita adalah dalam penegakkan hukum, terkait dengan manusianya.

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

tapi kenapa para pemakai yang selalu dikejar, dan para pengedar malahan menikmati perlindungan hukum....contohnya corby yang dari australia, bagaimana Indonesia mau bebas dari narkotika kalau caranya begini,
seharusnya pengedar itu di hukum mati saja, dan para pemakai di rehabilitasi.... :)

Harry Nizam said...

@BlogS Haryanto,
Anda benar selama ini penegakkan hukum lebih banyak pada para pemakai narkoba, sedangkan pengedarnya mendapat keringanan hukuman seperti Corby dan lain2. Malah sering diberitakan tentang pengendalian perdagangan narkoba dari balik penjara, Sungguh ironis.