Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Dirty Candidate Judge

I always think that Judges of the Courts of Law are high quality people who would always think, talk and act fairly, wisely and extra careful based on the Laws, Tradition and Moral Standard.

These requirements are very important so that Court Judges can be expected to pass fair and non-biased verdicts.
For that reason, the recruitment and selection of new Court Judges should always be doe extra careful by a team of high quality and reliable public figures. 

Unfortunately, the above mentioned requirements seemed to be difficult for certain Candidate Judges to fulfil,

The Jakarta Globe reported that during a fit and proper test of new Supreme Court Judges by the national Parliament on Monday 14 January, a Candidate Judge i.e. Daming Sunusi, gave a very shocking and insensitive statement when he was asked about Death Penalty for Rapist.

Daming Sunusi, a senior Judge with the High Court of South Kalimantan, said :
“Both the rapist and the victim enjoy it. So, [we] have to think again about death sentence.”

This crazy comment caused mixed reaction among members of Parliament, some of them think that it is a joke, others protested. However, in the end the members of Parliament urged that Daming Sunusi should not be selected.

I hope that the Parliament would reject Daming Sunisi, and the Supreme Court would reconsider his eligibility and qualification as a High Court Judge.


Luke Regler said...

Hi Harry, good to see you posting again. Its missed. I think the fact the newspapers reported this story is great and I hope this person does not become a judge. However, getting people in authority to think before they speak is never going to be an easy task no matter where they are...

colson said...

His answer indicates he is lacking empathy and out of touch with reality. I'm afraid someone he says this things today is incurable.

"I hope that the Parliament would reject Daming Sunisi". I might add I trust Parliament WILL reject him.

PS: I'm very glad you're back again Harry!

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Luke I am very glad to see you again on my blog.
This man has been a Judge for 24 years, currently he is a Judge at the High Court of South Kalimantan.
Now there is a growing protest against his candidacy.

Hi Colson, I am very happy to see you again.
Some Political parties in Parliaments like the Democratic Party have suggested the rejection.

Luke Regler said...

Hi Harry, I could not let this statement go. Its in the Jakarta Post regarding the judge.

Former Constitutional Court chief justice Jimly Asshiddiqie said on Wednesday that it was wrong to dismiss Daming over his insensitive joke.

“Dismissing him is going overboard as he [Daming] apologized for his slip of the tongue. Daming is an example of the Indonesian male. It’s part of our culture to treat women inappropriately,” Jimly said on the sidelines of a meeting at the House on Wednesday.

How come no one pickec up on this terrible phrase and statement?

Harry Nizam said...

Yes I was also very shocked when I heard about Jimly Assidiqui's statement.
As a former chief of the Constitutional Court we expect him to be very wise and correct in making statements about sensitive matters.