Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fake Facebook Girlfriends

Just because you are a lonely man in real life doesn't mean that you have to be lonely in your virtual life anymore.

ABC reported that a Brazilian website,, will be happy to create a Fake Facebook Girlfriend profile for you that includes comments & all-important "relationship status" change for thirty days at the price of  US$ 39.00. Or, if you are in a tight budget it can create for you a Fake ex-Girlfriend for only US$ 19.00.

The website said that there are some possible reasons why a man wants to have a Fake Girlfriend :
1) He wants to be popular with the women and increase his self esteem
2) He wants to make jealous his ex-girlfriend by showing that he has someone new

In order to increase the ranks of the Fake Girlfriend, the website invites women to send their profiles with a 50% profit sharing incentives.

Currently the website doesn't have any Fake Facebook Boyfriends for women, but they plan to create them in the future.

For further information about Fake Facebook Girlfriend, please read here and here.  

Picture : Courtesy of ABC


colson said...

I love that :).

Well, actually I think it's such a totally absurd idea (A long distance relationship with a fictitious lady at less than $ 40 a month without strings attached to it. No fights, no promises, no disappointments, no bickering),that I'm sure it will be a commercial success. There are a lot of nutty guys around after all. It may not help lonely men, but it will definitely help NamoroFake owners bank accounts :).

Harry Nizam said...

Not all man are as bold as you are in approaching women, especially in Indonesia whereby many men would try to act shy at first but eventually grab the women.

Tukang komentar said...

Nice info...

Harry Nizam said...

@Tukang Komentar,
Thank you.

Linda said...

Amusing but kind of sad. Many people are lonely.

Harry Nizam said...

Yes, the fact makes us sad.