Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Alternative Candidates for President & VP - 2014

In 2014, Indonesia will hold a General Election to elect members of the national, provincial and district People's Representative Councils, and afterwards the Presidential Election.

According to the Presidential Election Law No. 42/2008, a Presidential Candidate must be nominated by a political party or a group of political  parties that won at least 20% of the total seats in the national People's Representative Council or won a total of 25% of the electoral votes.

In this connection, on 7 January the General Election Commission announced 10 political parties that are eligible to compete in the General Election based on General Election Law No. 8/2012.

Among those 10, only the National Democratic Party is a new party, the others are existing parties i.e. President SBY's Democratic Party, Golkar Party, Democratic Party in Struggle (PDIP, Social Welfare Party (PKS), National Mandate Party (PAN), National Awakening Party (PKB), United Development Party (PPP), People's Conscience Party(Hanura), and Indonesian People's Movement Party (Gerindra).

Currently, President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) is serving his second 5-years term, and based on the Constitution he cannot be nominated again in 2014. But until now his Democratic Party still has not announce who will be SBY's successor.

There are some public figures whose names were often mentioned by the traditional mass media as potential candidates, like Golkar Party Chairman Aburizal Bakrie, former President and PDIP Chairperson Megawati, former Vice President Jusuf Kalla, (Ret. General) Prabowo, Chief of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD.

However, this Sunday I want to write about a very controversial Polygamous person who declared himself as a Presidential Candidate i.e. Dangdut Musician Rhoma Irama.

Last December, the media reported that someone posted Rhoma Irama's name and photo (above - Left) on Twitter micro-blog. Standing next to Rhoma Irama was the very controversial Regent of Garut West Java Aceng Fikri (above - Right) who illegally married Fani Oktora an 18 years old local girl on 14 July 2012 and divorced her via Text Message (SMS) 4 days later because he said that she was not a Virgin.

As shown on the above photo, for the candidacy their names were nicknamed as  RHOCENG 2014 which implied that Rhoma Irama as Candidate President, and Aceng as Candidate Vice President (VP).


Wisata Murah said...

Hahahahaha, membaca dari atas saya serius banget. begitu sampai rhoceng, tanpa sadar katawa ngakak sambil gebrok meja, hehe

kalau yang ini ga banget lah. orang koplo rasis, n goyang ngebor,, dia hanya pingin menang sendiri.

fotonya keren pak hehehe

Wisata Murah said...

oh ya..lagi terlalu semangat ne. lagian yang ngusung itu dulu kan kelompok yang membuat tandingan pkbn ya Gusdur, hehe

colson said...

A remarkable couple.

The Indonesian electorate on previous occasions showed much more sense than the average politician does.

So I guess Rhoceng - of they actually do participate, will probably be the laughing stock next year. The two friends don't stand a chance fortunately.

(PS: The real danger is mr Prabowo I'm afraid).

Harry Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Untuk hari minggu boleh dong posting yang ringan2 hahahaha

You are right our voters are much more intelligent than politicians.
Rhoma Irama and/or Rhocheng if they ever nominated would surely be a laughing stock of the voters.

Kios Nasa said...

hehe it's true alternative candidates :)

Harry Nizam said...

@Kios Nasa,
Thank you for your comment.