Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saudi Arabia Bans Indonesian Maids

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday that it would stop granting work permits to domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines, following the restricted hiring conditions imposed by both Asean countries.   

This is a reaction to the strong protests made by the people and the government of Indonesia against the beheading of an Indonesian citizen Ruyati binti Satubi (54) who was sentenced to death by a Saudi Court for murdering of her employer.
Kompas reported that last week President SBY denounced the beheading of Ruyati and accused Riyadh of breaking the “norms and manners“ of international relations.

Moreover, the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar announced that the government shall  impose a moratorium on the sending of maids to Saudi Arabia.

I hope that from now on our government would pay much more serious attention on our workers who are working abroad, i.e. conclude agreements with foreign governments that provide strong protection for our workers working in their countries, make sure that they are well trained and skilled before they are send abroad. All of which is necessary because our workers abroad contributed big amount of foreign currency to our country.


smp 3 lembang said...

Begitulah negara KSA tinggi juga harga dirinya ini kan untuk merespon keputusan presiden untuk moratorium TKI ke sana, pada awalnya mereka sempat bilang , bahwa Indonesia akan Kehilangan uang banyak kalau menghentikan pengiriman TKI, secara psikoligis mereka pernyataan itu kan menandakan bahwa mereka perlu tenaga kerja kita

Multibrand said...

Sebenarnya kedua negara saling buth, SA butuh tenaga terampil yang ramah dan sangat sopan, sementara kita butuh devisa yang dikirim para TKW.
Pemerintah kita harus pastikan bahwa mereka benar2 terlatih sebelum diberangkatkan dan, proaktif melindungi TKI kita

Wisata Murah said...

intelligent solutions. to educate a skilled workforce and the ready

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry / Multibrand

It's saddening to hear that human beings don't treat their fellow brothers with kindness and respect.

I remember another case involving Sarah Balabagan from the Phillipines who was raped by her
elderly Arab employer. In anger she killed the dirty old scoundrel and was about to be hanged when fellow Filipinos back home raised millions of dollars to
save her from the gallows.

As long as Indonesians continue to work abroad in blue collar jobs, they will continue to be supceptible to abuse. It's hard to control the character of employers.

Agree with your opinion that these workers should be exposed to more skills-training, education and alerted on their rights. Should anything go wrong, at least they have an alternative way to seek redress. Foreign labour has rights too.

The workers' dignity should be upheld. They are also made of flesh and blood.

WebbieLady said...

That is the sad reality for poorer countries. No better options but to work outside even to countries where beheading is normal! Another diminished income it is but countries should try to support their own people from within, not just relying on foreign resources.

I am not very aware for Indonesian people but I am saying for the filipino government. I lived there for 2 decades and it's really not simple to live there and work also if you don't get corrupted or be corrupt.

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Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

A good decision to support your workers abroad from the effects of inhumane lawmaking.

Anonymous said...

@Wisata Murah,
Yeah perhaps the Saudis are giving us a solution for problems faced by our workers abroad.

@Bear Wife,
You are very right the workers dignity must be upheld because they are also human beings just like all of us.

@Webby Lady,
Very sad indeed. Saudi Arabia is not like any other normal countries with normal people, therefore not easy not easy for most people to stay and work there.

@Coretan Rizal,
Terima kasih atas informasinya.

hobby exchange said...

Salam. Setuju bhw Pem kita hrs pastikan mereka benar2 terlatih sblm diberangkatkan, yg plg pnting memang hrs melindungi TKI kita. thanks.

Luke said...

Hi Harry, makes you wonder how the agents that find the maids in the first place operate and communicate the risks and hazards of working away. Is Indonesia scared of upsetting the Saudis over oil/Mecca etc so much that they seem almost blase over this?

Luke said...

Hi Harry, makes you wonder how the agents that find the maids in the first place operate and communicate the risks and hazards of working away. Is Indonesia scared of upsetting the Saudis over oil/Mecca etc so much that they seem almost blase over this?

Anonymous said...

@Hobby Exchange,
Tepat sekali perintah harus memastikan bahwa Tki siap kerja diluar negeri dan dilindungi.

The Saudi Arabians have good lobby here incl those thugs behind those violence like FPI. Also the softer ones like HTI and Pks. That why they were all silent with the beheading.

Marinda Jaya said...

it was clear the government of Saudi Arabia has stepped on national pride and His religion in the eyes of the world concerning the punishment of beheading without any notice from the family of Saudi Arabia tersangka.dan government is starting to cocky so Osama does not support the current Saudi government.

attayaya-cegukan said...

inilah susahnya pemerintah
maunya devisa, tapi tak mau ngurusin penghasil devisa itu

sawali tuhusetya said...

memang dibutuhkan ketegasan sikap, mas harry, jangan hanya sekadar bermain retorika. apa pun yang terjadi, negara harus melindungi setiap warganya. jangan sampai kasus ruyati terulang.

Dadan said...

Our government must protect our migrant workers. The jobs are given by low of constitution.
Nice to know your blog.

Somsi said...

The law protects foreign workers with no way to support yours.

Ria Tumimomor said...

what sad is to see that most of our people unaware about the danger and still insisting to go there... If only our government able to provide decent jobs; then they do not have to go all the way abroad looking for it.

Heart said...


I've just nominated you for the "one lovely blog" award. Congrats:)

You can fetch it at my latest post:)

Vainit said...

Harusnya Indonesia lebih mandiri untuk membuka lapangan kerja di Indonesia, Pendidikan wirausaha musti di galakan!!!!!

Multibrand said...

@Marinda Jaya,
Yes the Saudi government is reacting
based on their hurt pride.

Semoga pemerintah akan lebih perhatikan mereka.

Kita hanya bisa berharap demikian mas Sawali.

Yes let's hope so.
I am glad to know you.

For that reason our government must negotiate with foreign government to protect our workers.

Very sad indeed. They would not want to go if there is job here.

Thank you very much.
I go to your blog.

Benar seharusnya negara kita bisa menyediakan lapangan kerja yang cukup bagi warganya.

Printing said...

seharusnya jangan di perlakukan seperti itu juga kalo memkang mereka membutuhkan,,, apakah kita juga memprlakukan orang2 mereka seprti itu,,, ???