Wednesday, July 20, 2011

President SBY, Nazaruddin, Tax Payers

According to the Constitution, the President function as a Head of State, Head of Government and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, with the prime duty to serve the country and people of the Republic of Indonesia.

In order to enable him to function properly, the President is given the authorities to select ministers/ advisers/ ambassadors/envoys, to make laws together with the Parliament, declare state of emergency etc.

As reward, the President and his family are given first class Salary, Palace, Vehicles and drivers, Security Guards, and other fringe benefits, all of which comes from the state budget mostly originating from Tax Payers Money Collection.

Considering the above facts, the people as Tax Payers expect the President to focus his attention on matters related to the interests of the state and the people of Indonesia 

In reality, we saw/heard the President SBY made public statements (here) in his capacity as Chairman of the Advisory of Board of his Democrat Party. Especially after the former Treasurer of Democrat Party i.e. Nazaruddin, was dismissed from his position when the Corruption Eradication Commission accused him of being involved in Corruption in the building of Athlete Complex and ran away to Singapore few hours later and one day before a travel ban was imposed on him.

Nazaruddin's allegations (via BlackBerry Messenger) against leaders of the Democrat Party, including Party Chief Anas Urbaningrum and Secretary General Ibas (SBY's son), about their involvement in Corruption cases have made the President busy defending them and blamed the mass media for improper reporting of unfair reports.

After Nazaruddin spoke (teleconference)  the first time on TVOne's Jakarta Lawyers Club Talk Show, last night and made more allegations against SBY, the Democrat Party and others, we  can expect that SBY would appear in public again to defend himself and his party sooner or later.

As a citizen who has given my votes to him and his Democrat Party during the general elections and presidential elections in 2004 and 2009, I hope that the President would focus his attentions and activities to serve the country and people,  stop talking to the public about this party and men..


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

I fully agree with you, mas Harry !

Epson Maniak said...

Mungkin Presiden SBY harus lebih tegas kali ya... masalah partai setidaknya harus tegas dan cepat diselesaikan. Dengan selesai masalah Presiden akan memfokuskan perhatian dan kegiatan untuk melayani negara dan rakyatnya.

Epson Maniak said...

Semoga cepat selesai masalah intern partai. yang korupsi harus di brantas...!!!!

Popi said...

I don't know who right or wrong..
only God knows.

Vainit said...

Benar sekali, Saya pikir SBY Butuh Ketegasan, yang mana dengan tegas masalah partai selesai dan bisa fokus melayani masyakat dan negara

Wisata Murah said...

every profession has its risks. and fatal risks are closing old wells in the field of ghost
We Hope Pak SBY wiser in this respect

attayaya-fatamorgana said...

sbg presiden, sby ga perlu ambil waktu untuk mengomentari nazar.
melayani masyarakat harus lebih diutamakan

Multibrand said...

Thank you for dropping by, pak.

Semoga Bapak Presiden kita fokus pada tugas dan kewajibannya sesuai yang ditetapkan oleh UUD45.

The constitution has ruled the president's functions, so he must stick to them.

Untuk memimpin 240 juta rakyat pemimpin harus fokus, jangan terbagi pikirannya.

@Wisata Murah,
Let us hope that the President will succeed.

Benar, kepentingan rakyat dan negara harus diutamakan.

Umihoney said...

Hi Harry,
Can't comment much on this except that anyone in office,especially head of dept or corporation what more head of state should know where his priority lies.

Thank you for sharing .Have a great day.

Multibrand said...

Yes I agree with your point i.e. anyone in office should know where his priority lies.

r10 said...

presiden SBY tidak memilki keberanian, aku tidak yakin nazarudin akan berhasil ditangkap dalam waktu dekat

Multibrand said...

Banyak orang yang menyatakan seperti anda.